WARMER MIXTAPES #1448 | by Antony Ryan [Mugwood/rf ben]/(Seavault) and Robin Saville of Isan

SIDE A | by Antony Ryan

1. Autechre | Fold 4, Wrap 5
It's beautiful and clever. Just like we all strive to be but generally fail.

2. The Incredible String Band | Painting Box
You remember when you fell in Love and your sweetheart is in everything you see and feel and hear? This is that.

3. Aphex Twin | Goon Gumpas
The sound of getting married in the countryside. Seems like a silly song, but it's very, very pretty. Bucolic Loveliness from a man who also knows Industrial Grit.

4. My Bloody Valentine | Only Tomorrow
Pushing through the days, where the promise and fulfilment are only in the tomorrow. But it's not all hard work - a cartoon violin walks into the studio at 1m55s and sees what Kevin Shields is doing to his stringed instruments, yelps in horror, and scampers back out in the opposite direction.

5. Kraftwerk | Computer Love
And so, as well as inventing Electronic Pop Music, Kraftwerk also predicted Tinder? I've always adored the bassline/s in this - twangy and other shapes too. The whole song is lovely. And plaintive. I'm a total sucker for a plaintive melody. And talking of plaintive...

6. Isan | Kittenplan A
Yes, I know, I know - it's an Isan song... But this was entirely composed and recorded by Robin, my only contribution was a small tear and a nod of approval, so I hope it's allowed? Play this at my funeral please.

7. Radiohead | Codex
Seems to pick up where the gorgeous Pyramid Song left off, another watery grave. And if it wasn't moving enough, those plaintive horns in the middle. I've never been stirred by a single horn, but put a few together in that Salvation Army-style and you'll kill me every time.

8. Barbara Morgenstern | Fjorden
I remember Robin bringing this to my house on 10" back when it came out, I guess around 2000 or so. We sat and played through in silence. And continued to sit in silence for fear that speaking would release the lumps in our throats to floods of tears. Just so perfect, from simply pretty to gorgeous intensity. A record that could/should never end.

9. Depeche Mode | Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)
Simple, Pastoral Loveliness. I guess I heard it first in the mid-eighties - didn't realise it had informed so much of what I've done until recently...

10. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins | Bats In The Attic (Unravelled)
There's a bitter-sweet romance in unravelling, no?

+11. ABBA | Knowing Me, Knowing You
I loved this song as a kid and sang along with it (though technically, the cassette was actually Sounds Like ABBA cover versions) in the back seat of the car on family trips. But it took me 38 years to really understand it.

+12. Grimes | Genesis
This is for my wee son, because we heard it on the radio when he was a baby and the opening bars made his little face light up - so I picked him up and we bounced around the kitchen until we were exhausted. He loves Music of so many kinds, but the fact he loves a twangy synth bass-line, the black notes on a keyboard, vocals swamped in reverb plus a good bop around makes him a pretty good kid in my book...

+13. Harold Budd/Brian Eno | Late October (with Daniel Lanois)
And this one is for me. Whenever I need a river to drift blissfully down, this is it.

SIDE B | by Robin Saville

1. Electric Light Orchestra | The Diary Of Horace Wimp
My first ever band t-shirt was an ELO one. I was only eight so I think I probably enjoyed the graphics and the glitter more than the Music at the time, but fortunately they made amazing Baroque Pop so I'm not ashamed.

2. Dusty Springfield | The Look Of Love (Casino Royale Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Such sweet Sadness, what a gal.

3. Marc And The Mambas | Untitled 
More sweet Sadness I'm afraid. But no other song sounded like this before or since, and I love it for that.

4. The Raincoats | Only Loved At Night 
...And speaking of songs that are like no other. The real sound of Punk.

5. Ela Orleans | Light At Dawn
Some of Ela's best work sounds like being in the head of a woodworm having a bad hangover inside a dusty radiogram. Genius.

6. Maalem Mahmoud Ghania & James Holden | Bania
I wanted to include something brand new as it's really important to me to hear new stuff, and I love it when something finds a new switch to flick in my jaded old head. This is brilliant.

7. Brian Eno | Golden Hours
This is my funeral song. Along with Monkey Gone To Heaven, because that's a good atheist joke for a funeral, and funerals need more jokes.

8. Tortoise | Gamera
A really lovely piece of Music, and very useful for real-life DJing if you need to go to the bar as it's twelve minutes long.

9. Stereolab | Lo Boob Oscillator
Impossible to choose a Stereolab song, but this will be okay for today. I like that it's in two halves, a compositional tactic I've probably taken on board a bit too much.

10. Smog | I Feel Like The Mother Of The World
Because who doesn't, some days?