WARMER MIXTAPES #1454 | by Kynan Forsberg and Robert LaPlante of Ten Sleep

SIDE A | by Robert LaPlante

1. Sugar Glyder | Ocean, I Love You 
This song was on the first record I bought from these guys and they’re still my favourite. So many good memories of summer time listening to this one.

2. Vampire Weekend | A-Punk
I don’t remember how I found A-Punk, but I first heard it in 11th Grade and I was immediately hooked.

3. The Spinto Band | Summer Grof 
Another I found in my Junior Year. Takes me back to playing my drums in my room to these guys.

4. Ice Cube | It Was A Good Day
This is a song I can listen to no matter my mood; absolute classic.

5. Childish Gambino | 3005 
This song reminds me of the time Kynan and I spent in studio recording our album No Place Like House. We would run errands with our engineer, Todd, to get groceries and we had Gambino on loop the whole time.

6. Rolls Bayce | Don’t Get Me Wrong
Killer band from Australia, don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this one.

7. Silversun Pickups | Lazy Eye 
The song that turned me onto these guys; I think it’s timeless to be honest.

8. Bells | Always Invisible 
Fantastic Instrumental Rock band from Pennsylvania, USA. I’m super fond of this song simply because it reminds me of the days in College where I’d have it on repeat while I played video games in my dorm room.

9. Holy Fuck | Milkshake
Yet another song that reminds me of my High School days, these guys have so many great songs. Definitely worth checking out.

10. The Paper Kites | Young 
Beautiful song with an extremely fascinating Music Video to go along with it.

SIDE B | by Kynan Forsberg

1. The Paper Kites | A Maker Of My Time
When you just know that a song is your song. This is my song.

2. Local Natives | Breakers 
This is the second Local Natives song I heard when I started reaching out for New Music and it completely turned me on to this band. Just went looking for anything similar after that. Great tune.

3. Shakey Graves | Late July
Just heard this guy like a month or two ago when my roommate became obsessed. This song in particular is just posi-vibes all around, but definitely recommend listening to his other stuff too.

4. The Beatles | Blackbird 
It’s The Beatles, I think it's one of the first I learned by them, but that's not why it's on this list.

5. Arcade Fire | Wake Up 
Like the Local Natives song, this is another song that turned me onto this band. I've probably over played it by now, because I can't stand to listen to it, still one of my favourites though.

6. Radical Face | Family Portrait 
I do think Welcome Home by these guys is unreal too, but this is a super underrated song by them. The lyrics are too good.

7. Bob Dylan | Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
My brother loves this song, and, when he showed it to me, it helped us out so to speak. I don't really like any Bob Dylan other than this song.

8. Dry The River | Bible Belt 
An old friend I used to play with showed me this band, I'm not sure if it's nostalgic because it reminds me of jamming with him but I really like this tune.

9. Led Zeppelin | Going To California
Great sitting on a porch drinking some beers song, reminds me of my hometown. Really good buddies and I always made a point of listening to this when we got drunk enough.

10. Feist | I Feel It All  
My mom actually showed me this song when it first came out. There's a really vivid memory of us driving in a car listening to it, that comes into my head almost every time I hear it.