WARMER MIXTAPES #1453 | by Raffaela Rosemary Weyman of RALPH

1. Mos Def | The Panties
The sexiest song in the World, it never fails to make me dance - Mos Def's voice is like fuckin' butter. On New Year's Eve I got dragged to a party at 4AM by my brother. I was really tired but I asked the DJ to bump this song and I ended up dancing until 10AM. The drop where the beat comes in is what I live for.

2. Fleetwood Mac | The Chain
Fleetwood Mac is one of my favourite bands of all time. The Chain is my favourite because of the bad ass musical breakdown where everything drops out except for the bass and quiet drums. As the Music slowly builds back up, they create this incredible feeling of pressure until finally they reach the climax, with the guitar just wailing and the chorus repeating over and over. It always feels like I just had an orgasm.

3. Christina Milian | Dip It Low
I'll never forget the first time I saw this video, I was like WHAT... Christina Milian is so hot and confident and, let's be real, the song is catchy. It's still one of my go-to's if I'm having a party, everyone hears it and has that omiGod, YESSSSS moment.

4. Kate Bush | Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
Kate Bush's voice is so eerie and unique, and from the moment the drums kick in at the beginning, you feel this undeniable drive in the Music. It does sort of make you want to run. Also, the video is weird and wonderful, I love Kate Bush because she just goes for it. My best friend and I have agreed this is our song, we've always wanted to do a cover of it.

5. James Taylor | Sweet Baby James
My dad, James, used to sing this song to me every night when I was a kid. It makes me feel nostalgic and happy and a little sad all at once, which is why I love it. I own 3 copies of the record.

6. No Doubt | Just A Girl
My friends and I worshiped Tragic Kingdom when it came out. Gwen Stefani was our idol because she didn't give a fuck. I'll always remember that one outfit - baggy pants, blue bikini, and blue hair with facial jewels. This song reminds me of having sleepovers and playing Ouija and watching Idol Hands because we thought Devon Sawa was the biggest babe ever.

7. A Tribe Called Quest | Can I Kick It?
My brother introduced me to Hip Hop at a young age and Tribe was one of my favorite groups. This song defines being 15 years old - I was doing Graffiti, I was crushing on boys, I wore a baseball cap and my tight, really low Parasuco jeans. I still know all the lyrics by heart.

8. Karen Dalton | Something On Your Mind
Karen Dalton has one of my favourite voices in the World. I close my eyes and just listen, it's crunchy like gravel but velvety like honey at the same time. It sort of transports me to a different world. The violin in this song gives me goosebumps every single time I listen, I've never had such a physical reaction to a song before.

9. Father John Misty | Funtimes In Babylon
I dated a man one summer who made me really happy. We loved this album and he used to sing me this song. Whenever I hear it, it reminds me of that summer, and going skinny dipping and watching fireworks and drinking whiskey together.

10. Patrick Watson | Slip Into Your Skin
I went to Montreal to see Patrick Watson play 5 years ago and his set was so magical that it moved me in a way I can't explain, I basically had an epiphany. I decided in that moment that I wanted to do Music for the rest of my life. This song is my favourite, the lyrics are so beautiful that I actually have some tattooed on my ribs.