WARMER MIXTAPES #1472 | by Emil Erstrand and Nils Nygårdh of Grapell

SIDE A | by Nils Nygårdh

1. The Hives | Outsmarted
Best Garage band ever. I could have put up the whole record (Veni Vidi Vicious) on this top ten list. Howlin' Pelle's screaming together with his brother... It's just brilliant. Intense guitars and fast drumming. And not to forget the great production by Pelle Gunnerfeldt.

2. David Bowie | Changes
My father had a copy of the album Hunky Dory when I was a little boy. And that was pretty much all he got in his record storage. I learned to like this album more and more for every time he was playing it. And especially Changes gave me a special feeling. Feels good but it also gives me a strange feelings about Existence. Actually the whole album got that vibe. I really like it.

3. Lou Reed | Doin' The Things That We Want To
I discovered this song from a colleague when I was working at a pretty boring office. It just vibes so good when you are a little doleful.

4. 10cc | Rubber Bullets
OK, my father got one more record. The Very Best Of 10cc. Another song that I was listening to a big part of my childhood. This song doesn’t get me any weird feelings. Just feel good feelings. And I also have some Hate/Love for this song. Wimpy Rock is not really my favorite anymore, but I can’t help myself, I still love this song.

5. Bob Dylan | Jokerman
I'm not a big Dylan fan. But when Dylan takes his Music into a Reggae vibe I like it very much. As this song, Jokerman.

6. Ramones | The KKK Took My Baby Away
I was on the road on some of our family car trips to the capital Stockholm. Sitting in the backseat with my brother. He always had a bigger interest of Music than me, so he was always the one that showed me new stuff. We split the ear plugs and I was listening to the first Punk song ever in my life. Also I got my first American History lesson from my brother about the KKK. That song gave me a lot of good things for my upcoming life.

7. Dolores Haze | Fuck The Pain Away (Peaches Cover)
The cover of the Peaches song renews this song from 2000, but throws it back to late 70s/early 80s Garage Rock with brilliant reverb on every instrument.

8. Radiohead | 15 Step
I bought this record In Rainbows to my brother for his birthday. Unconscious about how the band Radiohead sounded like. It took me about 6 months before I decided to listen through the record. The whole album is perfect to me and it's hard to pick one song. But as a drummer I have to choose 15 Step, splendid 5 bar beat all through the song. Electronic drums together with Acoustic and also some human hand claps as the icing on the cake.

9. Sonjagon | We Are Coming Over Tonight
One of the best guitar riffs ever in Rock 'N' Roll History. Together with the brilliant drumbeat it sounds so good. And not to forget the vocals. This production is brilliant.

10. The Sonics | Have Love Will Travel (Richard Berry And The Pharaohs Cover)
Best Rock song ever. The guitar riff, the saxophone and the whole mucky production.

SIDE B | by Emil Erstrand

1. bob hund | Festen Är Över
I love the first lines of the lyrics. Just like I love the rest of this song. And the whole EP it's from.

2. Sonjagon | Aristocrat
Awesome track that blew me away the first time I heard it (as a demo on MySpace). Not necessarily my favourite song by Sonjagon, but I let this represent my admiration for the band - which has persisted ever since then.

3. Radiohead | 15 Step
It's impossible for me to choose one song by Radiohead, but they got to be on this list, and this one is a perfect opener for one of my all time favorite albums.

4. Dirty Projectors | Impregnable Question
This one has had an important impact on me. Also I heard it the first time on a really nice summer’s day.

5. Drake | Hold On, We're Going Home (feat. Majid Jordan)
Brilliant song that was a great inspiration when I heard it.

6. Håkan Hellström | Du Är Snart Där
I was choosing between this one and John Lennon's God

7. Fiona Apple | Anything We Want
Great song, with great feel and great structure.

8. Blur | Sweet Song
Really sweet...

9. Olle Ljungström | Morotsman
Perfect song.

10. Simon And Garfunkel | The Only Living Boy In New York
Makes me feel nostalgic. And I don't know why.