WARMER MIXTAPES #1475 | by Matthew DePauw of Night Riots

1. The Strokes | You Only Live Once
This is the first track of their 3rd album First Impressions Of Earth. I like that this album was more Hi-Fi for them, they definitely brought some new stuff to the table on this one. Julian Casablancas has a 2nd version of this song called I'll Try Anything Once. l like to think he made that version first... Recorded with an Organ and one vocal... Then the band took it and turned it a more Strokesy song. The lyrics discuss different types of people, from cocky people to shy people and throw in a bit about a relationship and Life. It also inspired me to learn piano so I could play the original song. Thanks, Strokes.

2. Green Day | She
Green Day was the first band I got hugely into as a teenager. I connected pretty deeply to this track because of the line in the chorus Are you locked up in a world that's been planned for you? Do you feel like a social tool without a use?... As an awkward teenager I definitely felt those lyrics, plus it has a rad bass/drum into. Simple. Awesome.

3. Mikky Ekko | Pull Me Down
This is pretty much just an amazing Love song about two people that are rebellious Punk kids and he calls them both trouble. His voice is absolutely amazing and lyrics make this more than your average run of the mill Love song. This entire album is spectacular. I'm definitely gonna get inspiration from him for writing our next album.

4. Anthony Green | Dear Child (I've Been Trying To Reach You)
After I got really into Saosin I thought Anthony's voice was amazing. And when he released the original version of this song it was a more mellow song, but with Green's amazing screaming voice. Mixed in with a bit of a yearning Love song and the drummer from Weezer bringing the beat, it makes for a most radical jam.

5. Phoenix | Lasso
I love the rhythmic elements they bring to each song. This song especially starts with a unique drum beat. And, of course, Thomas Mars has a super cool voice... Powerful yet soft to fit the mood of the song. I think I originally attached to this song because of a relationship I was in at the time and the idea of lassoing someone to keep them near you was a cool idea. But the relationship didn't work out. For the best.

6. New Beat Fund | It's Cool
We've had the pleasure of touring with these guys and have been able to watch them live many times. They are super energetic and entertaining to watch. When they released this song it was a little different for them and I instantly connected to it. It's a mix of an end of a relationship and him asking in the chorus everywhere I go, what the fuck am I doing here?. It makes me think he's talking about the touring life. Constantly going to a new city everyday and sometimes questioning what am I even doing here?. Great jam. I hope for big things for these dudes.

7. Rancid | Maxwell Murder 
This song actually helped me to get my car keyed. In High School some buddies and I got a chance to pick the Music to be played at lunch time, but for some reason we got paired with a few gangbanger-esque girls. So the Music would go from Punk to Rap and back. Anyways, I put this track on and one of the girls made some sarcastic comment Oh, goood song and I flipped her off when she turned her back. Her friend saw and got up in my face. The bell rang and we all went to the last class of the day. When school was done I went out to my car and it was keyed from front to back with the gang's name signed on the back. Good times. Plus this song has one of the most rad bass solos ever.

8. Minus The Bear | Absinthe At The Fly Honey Warehouse
I love how this song starts out with a pretty unique finger tapping riff. Once I realized how he was playing it I had to learn it, so now I can finger tap on guitar much better because of this. Plus the song is about traveling through Europe and drinking wine/absinthe. Something I look forward to doing in my life very soon. We've got to plan our day, Rodan and Orsay, and find a way to cram it all in, before we drink again sounds like a classy way to travel.

9. K.Flay | Can't Sleep
We were lucky enough to share a tour bus with K.Flay and crew on our first national tour. She is an amazing artist and performer. Watching her live every night really inspired me for both Writing Music and Performing it Live. She brings so much energy to every song at every show. For some reason this song stood out the most to me. Probably because of my semi-insomnia. She says I can't sleep, I always stay awake, cuz I've been running, running, running all day. I relate a lot to this... When you work all day long and feel exhausted but for some reason can't sleep cuz your mind is going so fast.

10. Cage The Elephant | Cigarette Daydreams
I really enjoy the overall mood and theme from this song. The progression is a bit Bluesy and along with Matt Shultz's scratchy voice it makes for a very melancholy, moody song. I like that this is a more stripped down song with mostly Acoustic guitar and a bit of drums way in the background. This allows the energy of the song to ebb and flow directly with his voice.