WARMER MIXTAPES #1476 | by Liam Brown [L U M E N]

1. Badly Drawn Boy | Once Around The Block
I love this track because, immediately, the songs hits you with a lovely guitar sound and every verse is as poetic and clever as the last. I also love the combination of drum style and rhythm that gets you moving straight away. I love Damon Gough and his voice is so casual it just finishes off the track.

2. Kings Of Convenience | Misread
This is one of my favourite songs and I think the opening iconic piano sound and the simple Jazzy Acoustic guitar takes you away to a different country and makes you feel good straight away. The song consists of only two singers (whose harmonies fit perfectly) and two guitars playing intricate melodies which is very relaxing and lovely to the ears.

3. Fleetwood Mac | Big Love
Firstly I love this track (especially the Acoustic version) because of the fact Lindsey Buckingham incorporates melody and bass at the same time on one guitar and the complexity, along with the fact his vocals are always so powerful when he performs it live, just catches your attention.

4. José González | Heartbeats (The Knife Cover)
This track has stuck with me ever since I first heard it and it’s a song that has been a long time favourite and one of the songs that made me want to play guitar so I could play this track. I love the simplicity and lack of production and it’s just one man playing a song very casually and there is no ego, just a lovely piece of Music.

5. The Smiths | Girl Afraid
This is the song that set the bar for the tracks I would like to write in terms of the quirkiness and intricate melody and powerful chorus. I love the witty and sarcastic lyrics and Johnny Marr’s signature playing, that married together makes for a stellar listen.

6. Bombay Bicycle Club | Always Like This
This track is one of my all time favourites purely because of the bass line. The main riff is instantly catchy and gets you dancing straight away. I love the layers and the lack of thought in the lyrics and just focussing on the killer melody throughout.

7. Paul Simon | Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
I love the entire feeling of the Graceland album with an obvious World influence, but this track, along with You Can Call Me Al, is just as groovy and relevant today as it was when it was recorded. Paul Simon’s voice by itself or mixed with Art Garfunkel’s is just so calming to listen to and it’s a track that gives a grin.

8. The Cure | The Love Cats
Anything with an instantly hooky riff always earns it’s place as my favourite track and I think The Love Cats has one of the most catchy and fun riffs of any track to date. Also Robert Smith’s voice is so all over the place and loose, it just boosts the track and the use of double bass makes it extra Funky.

9. Beck | Cellphone's Dead
I love the mix of poetic and witty spoken words with a killer bass hook and Electronic synth noises and samples. As soon as that riff kicks in and the lyrics flow through the track, I kept listening to it over and over again because it had such a great structure and feel to it.

10. Talking Heads | And She Was
The pompous nature and softness of the vocals accompanied by the backing harmonies and the harsh change between parts keeps your attention throughout and the cowbell carrying the track adds a playful and driving feel to the track.