WARMER MIXTAPES #1477 | by Gabriele Ottino (Milena Lovesick) and Davide Tomat [TOMAT]/(TMTVL) of KWAGE, N.A.M.B., GEMINI EXCERPT and NIAGARA

SIDE A | by Davide Tomat

1. Mr. Bungle | Chemical Marriage
Once I bought Disco Volante I could not stop listening to this song…It brings me to a different dimension every time.

2. Fennesz | Saffron Revolution
This amazing piece of Music helped me in lots of nights in which I could not find a reason to stay awake or to go to sleep! A special lullaby to me!

3. Nick Drake | River Man
Simply amazing… No other words!

4. Steve Reich | Pulses (from Music For 18 Musicians)
Pure Nature through Music.

5. The Beach Boys | Let’s Go Away For Awhile
Yes, let’s do it with this amazing Music in the ears! Amazing Music!

6. Philip Jeck | Fanfares
With La Monte Young, Philip Jeck changed my vision of Music, helping me to recall the love I had for that kind of developing and Natural Music.

7. Ennio Morricone | Un Uomo Da Rispettare (The Master Touch Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I remember that during 2006 Olympics Games in Turin I used to drive around the city, in the night, with this masterpiece of Music in loop! I was inside of a very safe bubble!

8. Boards Of Canada | Corsair
I wish it could last 2 hours 'cause 2 minutes of this special drone are not enough!

9. Tim Hecker | Sea Of Pulses
I love the way bass moves under the surface of layered sounds… It’s one of the things I love most in Music!

10. Gonjasufi | The Blame
I love those obstinate organs! Heart!

SIDE B | by Gabriele Ottino

1. Pink Floyd | Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)
It has been my lullaby since when I started to choose the Music to listen to fall asleep.

2. Animal Collective | Peacebone
It's not my favourite Animal Collective song, but actually is the one that made me fall in Love with their Music.

3. Sufjan Stevens | Year Of The Snake
It's my favourite song of a masterpiece that inspired me a lot for how originally are mixed Electronic and Acoustic sounds.

4. Radiohead | Everything In Its Right Place
When first I heard this song I was high and I went higher. I felt like I was hearing something I never heard before, different, unknown.

5. David Bowie | Subterraneans
Everytime I listen to it I always wait like a child the moment in which the voice starts singing: Share bright failing star... Care-line, care-line... Care-line, care-line...

6. The Beatles | Blue Jay Way
This song made me a Beatlesmaniac.

7. Aphex Twin | Girl/Boy Song
I love this song! Inspired me a lot for the Electronic programming and the epic power.

8. Boards Of Canada | The Devil Is In The Details
I listen to it in loop when I need to lose myself in my own mind. It's more like a soundscape, a mysterious desert in which you're waiting for something that will never come.

9. Michael Jackson | Thriller
My first love. I was watching everyday the making of when I was a child.

10. Björk | Bachelorette
'Cause she is huge and a pioneer and this song is one of my favourite.

+11. The Flaming Lips | Do You Realize??
Just 'cause it makes me cry almost every time I play it.

+12. Liars | The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack
I love the simplicity and the beauty of its lyrics combined with Music.