WARMER MIXTAPES #1490 | by Josh Borenstein [Josh Michaels]

1. R. Kelly | I Believe I Can Fly 
This is a song that holds a very strong meaning to my heart and has been a part of me ever since hearing it. I have been singing this song for family, friends, auditions, etc., for most of my life. Why? Because I Believe I Can Fly. It has always lifted me higher, making me believe in myself more. Thank you, R. Kelly, for this song, truly.

2. The Beatles | Yesterday 
My dad's favorite. As I grew up The Beatles were always being played in my home.

3. Rascal Flatts | Life Is A Highway (Tom Cochrane Cover) (Cars Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Lyrically this song drives me towards a positive light which I am always in search for. Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long keeps my mind aligned with the Power of Positivity. I always enjoy hearing this while driving in the summer with the Sun beaming down, keeps me feeling ALIVE.

4. Billy Joel | Piano Man 
Besides the fact that he is from Long Island where I am from, this song has always made me want to sing along. Brilliant artist, major influence of mine.

5. Fleetwood Mac | Dreams 
The texture in Stevie's voice is just tremendous. I have always been a huge fan! Recently I got acquainted with band member Lindsey Buckingham's ex girlfriend Carol Ann Harris. She took a great load of liking to my Music. We became friends.

6. Seal | Love's Divine 
People are always comparing my voice to Seal's. This is a favorite of mine by Seal.

7. Lee Ann Womack | I Hope You Dance 
This song has always touched my heart from when I first heard it from a very young age. Her lyrics really fill the message I live by and use to express how I feel in my own writing. As she sings whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens, this is a PRIME example of what I want for everyone in the World. I always believe in taking chances and going for it! I want for everyone to never fear the mountains in the distance, as she puts it. Always take chances!

8. The Rolling Stones | (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Always a favorite in my family. I have been lucky enough to see them play live.

9. Adele | Rolling In The Deep
From her voice, to her lyrics. Just brilliant. A true gem of an artist.

10. Sam Smith | Stay With Me 
Another great artist I admire. My voice has been compared to his as well. He truly makes great Music!

+11. Michael Jackson | Heal The World 
This song always connects with my way of thinking about the World and all the World's issues. The World needs a lot of Healing. Michael has always been a huge inspiration to me and someone I follow with his lyrical messages.

+12. Aerosmith | Jaded
Steven Tyler has always been a huge creative influence of mine. I have got to see them live. I must have been about 16, Nikon Theatre, I knew then I wanted to be right there in his position.

+13. Elton John | Rocket Man
Always a song I love to cover whether on an audition or doing a cover on a performance. When he states I'm not the man they think I am at home... Oh, no, no, no... I'm a Rocket Man, that line alone reminds me of myself. I think I am misunderstood a lot, people that don't reach for their dreams try to make me feel it's impossible. But I know it is not impossible. What's been done, shows that within itself.

+14. Blessid Union Of Souls | Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)
Always had an impact on me based off of a girl who I really liked, who really liked me for me. There are plenty of guys being used, but for those special girls who actually like the guy for who they really are. This is what makes this song special to me.

+15. Katy Perry | Firework
From the moment this song came out, her uplifting message within her lyrics is exactly how I lead my own life/career and advise others to lead theirs. As she states May be a reason why all the doors are closed... So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road... Always pushes the power of my belief to never give up.

+16. TLC | Waterfalls 
Lyrically touching, always reminds me to listen to the Universe around me and let the World around me play its role. You must go with the flow sometimes.

+17. Bon Jovi | It's My Life
A song that's always been a favorite of mine. Major lyrical influence. It's my life, it's now or never... I ain't gonna live forever... I just want to live while I'm alive.

+18. Survivor | Eye Of The Tiger
Ever since attending sleep away camp up in Pennsylvania camp Indian Head, this was a theme song during an event called Sing. The lyrics, melody and the whole song in general have stuck with me till this day. A real survivor song, my way of thinking.