WARMER MIXTAPES #1491 | by Jamie Verney and Liam Fox (Saint Savanna) of MIAMIGO

SIDE A | by Liam Fox

1. The Thrills | The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing
When we were about 16 we’d go swimming at Hampstead heath in the ponds when it was really hot, this song always reminds me of that time.

2. Christy Moore | Ride On 
When we go to Ireland we always have Christy Moore playing in the car and the family all like to sing along to this one in particular.

3. MGMT | The Youth
I would ride to my pal's house on my push bike blaring this in my headphones, thinking I was Donnie Darko or something.

4. Mariah Carey | Dreamlover
My sister would always play her greatest hits, this tune stays with me, very nostalgic, nice vibes.

5. The Killers | All These Things That I’ve Done
Hot Fuss was such a great record. This is the one that takes you on a journey. I'd always play out crazy scenarios in my head listening to this.

6. Michael Jackson | Give In To Me 
It's hard to choose your favourite MJ track, but this one on repeat is fine.

7. Yeasayer | O.N.E.
When I first went to Uni, I was listening to this album a lot, such infectious sounds and melodies. It reminds me of a time when I met a lot of my good friends.

8. Rod Stewart | This Old Heart Of Mine (The Isley Brothers' 'This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)' Cover)
When dad drives, he’s in charge of what plays and he plays Rod all the time, my favourite track.

9. Queen | Too Much Love Will Kill You
I’m just a shadow of the man I use to be everytime... Freddy, the lyrics in this are the best.

10. The Shins | Simple Song
I love all their songs, I love the video for this song with the family battling it out over the father's will, such a feel good song.

+11. Sam Cooke And The Stars | Steal Away (Traditional Song Cover)
When I was working at a shop, we’d always play this when we were cleaning before opening the store every day and would make us happy.

SIDE B | by Jamie Verney

1. Van Morrison | Brown Eyed Girl
This is my earliest musical memory, I always think it will have more Music in it, but there's barely anything in the track.

2. Brandon Flowers | Never Get You Right
Love anything by Brandon, but this takes it. One of my favourite productions I've heard recently, it has a real subtle crescendo throughout the whole song. It's just Pop done right.

3. Bon Iver | Beth/Rest
I feel like this might be one of the best songs of the last 5 years, perfect atmosphere and very Minimal production. It sounds very 80's but using all the best bits from the era. There's a live version from SNL which could be even better than the recording.

4. Brand New | Limousine
The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me could be my favourite album, and this song is one of its darkest moments.

5. Justice | Stress
This song has so much suspense and intensity, also an amazing video that makes you feel really uncomfortable and stressed, feels like a score designed for the video.

6. Don Henley | New York Minute
Liam played me this only a couple of months ago and I can't believe I'd never heard it before, such a big over the top chorus.

7. Fleetwood Mac | Tango In The Night
My favourite Mac album, I love all the sounds they used, especially the drums, and this song really nails it.

8. Phoenix | Lisztomania
It's really hard to pick a favourite from Phoenix as they're all amazing. The guitar rhythms in this track are great and they always find really inventive chords and production techniques to go behind Pop songs.

9. Nirvana | Lithium
Favourite song from my favourite band. Love the dynamics of Super Soft to Super Loud that Nirvana used. Such a poignant chorus with just one word.

10. Michael Jackson | P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
Michael Jackson played a huge role in influencing my early Music taste, and this track has a special place in my memory. The synth and backing vocals in the chorus are absolutely killer. Flawless Pop song.