WARMER MIXTAPES #1498 | by Timothy Mann of Gdansk

This is a list of songs that I love, but I find it impossible to pick a definite top 10. I am a fan of Ambient Music, epic songs, great song writing that evokes real life and songs that explore things sonically. Here at least is an attempt at a top 10.

1. The War On Drugs | Come To The City 
Ambient and groovy at the same time, which is so hard to do. It just drives itself through 4 mins, just getting more and more intense. I love songs with no chorus or just an instrumental tag as the chorus and this one is perfect. Also, the drum sound is incredible. Makes me want to drive 150 miles an hour, just such a good groove.

2. Radiohead | Motion Picture Soundtrack 
Just so odd ball and gorgeous. The old pump organ, the harp, the choir samples. One of the most beautiful pieces of Music I've ever heard and really unexpected.

3. Mott The Hoople | All The Young Dudes
A perfect Pop song. Also a really good example of pretty much perfect production. It's sparse, nothing in the instrumentation overpowers anything else. Amazing background vocals, verse chords stay in the major key and then in the chorus switch to a minor progression which is just brilliant. I couldn't choose a David Bowie song because I like so many, so I went with one that he wrote. A perfect example of Bowie's incredible use of chords and almost chameleon-like progressions.

4. Bon Iver | Perth
Best opening to a record I have ever heard. His creativity blows me away. I have a hard time wrapping my head around how he comes up with sounds like he does. Just spectacular.

5. Radiohead | Let Down
First song I remember hearing that I thought was beautiful. I remember listening on headphones in my bedroom when I was 16 and being absolutely blown away by the guitars and the double vocal line in the bridge. My favorite song by my favourite band.

6. U2 | Where The Streets Have No Name 
Typical, I know, but U2 knows how to make you feel. As Bono said about ...Streets..., We can be in the middle of the worst gig in our lives, but when we go into that song, everything changes. The audience is on its feet, singing along with every word. It's like God suddenly walks through the room. We strive to make Music like that, not that sounds like U2 but with the same spirit.

7. M83 | Teen Angst 
This is an Electronic Rock song. The production is amazing. I love how he makes things sound so huge, so epic, but still keeps Emotion in the Music. It doesn't necessarily sound overblown which is awesome.

8. Brian Eno | 1/1 (from Ambient 1(Music For Airports))
My favourite Ambient Music piece. Just a really beautiful electric piano line pared with tape loops to make just a really dreamy piece.

9. Mew | Comforting Sounds
This is... If not my favourite song of all time, it is in the top 3. Builds and builds and builds. Jonas Bjerre's vocals are amazing in this song, and the 5 min instrumental vamp at the end is just breathtaking. Multiple guitars, synth and vocal layers with the final element of a French horn added to bring the song to its A Day In The Life-like climax. Just beautiful.

10. Bruce Springsteen | The River 
I'm a big Springsteen fan and I think this is my favourite song by him. He evokes Real Life emotions in his songs like no one else, which coupled with his Pop sensibility makes him irresistible to me. I think The River is the best song he's ever written.

+11. Elliott Smith | Waltz #2 (XO)
Elliott wrote the best bridges in Music. Never over does them, and leaves you wanting to listen again. So sad that he's gone. It was hard to choose a favourite of his, but I went with this one.

+12. The Flaming Lips | One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21
Love how the two different parts wouldn't really go together or at least are really different. Just beautiful. Could be the best sounding album I've ever heard as well. Love The Lips.