WARMER MIXTAPES #1499 | by Filip Helštýn (Existenc, Saturn United) of DIV I DED

1. The Jesus And Mary Chain | Almost Gold
The band I grew up with. I love their simplicity, guitar layers, feedbacks and samples. Great lyrics, vocals, sound and brilliant guitar solos. I am listening to this song when I am lazy and melancholic.

2. Airiel | Red Friends 
One of my dreams is to visit Japan and this song reminds me of Japanese atmosphere.

3. Seaside | Red Lanterns
+ Dimensions.... We are on Psychgazer's Shoegaze Compilation 51 together with a couple of great bands from the whole World and Seaside from Indonesia amazed me too much. That’s that, Real Asian Essence.

4. The Daysleepers | Distant Creatures
Snappy title. This song awakens Sadness inside me. Great song in style of Slowdive.

5. Roe Deer | Behind
One of the few of my favourite bands from Czech Republic. This song reminds me of the sadness of broken relationships.

6. The Depreciation Guild | A Key Turns
Reminds me of playing NES games when I was a little boy and a teenager. DG use real sounds from the NES platform. That was a great idea.

7. Pale Saints | Throwing Back The Apple
I discovered Pale Saints when I was 15. My uncle introduced me to them on his party. I felt in love with the record. We played the whole album still over and over. In Ribbons is a great piece of an album and this is the pilot single!

8. Cocteau Twins | Crushed
Reminds me of my childhood. My parents had a 4AD compilation - Lonely Is An Eye Sore - on vinyl. Nice memories. I really adore Cocteau Twins and their geniality.

9. The Radio Dept. | David 
When I lived in Holland in 2010 this song was in my playlist and it played to my ears whenever I walked along the river and drank some Holland wine.

10. Stina Nordenstam | Viewed From The Spire
My father has a very big collection of cassettes and his special favourite is Stina Nordenstam‘s second album - And She Closed Her Eyes. I remember sitting in his flat, drinking tea, smoking cigarettes and watching the cityscape from balcony in the top of the tower house. Just Comfort.