WARMER MIXTAPES #1514 | by Susan Bear [Alpine Ski Champion, Susandroid]/(Monoganon) and Julie Eisenstein of Tuff Love

SIDE A | by Susan Bear

1. Llama Farmers | Jessica
So fuzzy, so fast, so fun. Gets straight to the point really fast which is good because I have no concentration span. This was on the first album I bought with my own money from my paper round.

2. Ride | Like A Daydream
Mmmmmmm, so dreamy.

3. Joanna Gruesome | Jerome (Liar)
This whole song is amazing, but I wish it was longer. Guitar bit is amazing and vocal melody is so nice with boy/girl double voices.

4. Stanford | Pirates & Sailors
They recorded an album then split up. There isn't much info about them online, which is a shame, 'cause the album is excellent. Found this song in an Analog skate video.

5. Mika Miko | I Got A Lot (New New New)
This is lots of fun and a great tune, ideally I would like to be able to look as enthusiastic and fun when we play live, but even just watching the video makes me exhausted.

6. Aphex Twin | Alberto Balsalm
This is the ultimate relaxy song.

7. The Anniversary | All Things Ordinary
I was sent Designing A Nervous Breakdown when I gave money to Vagrant Records for some charity thing they were doing in 2004, you gave them $15 and they gave you a grab bag full of CDs and stickers and stuff. It became my favourite album of my teenage years. The girl's vocals are whispy soft against the thrashy instruments and I think that is nice. I hadn't heard Guitar Music with synthesisers before because all my brother listened to was Oasis on repeat.

8. Teenage Fanclub | Everything Flows
This is a sad song, but it makes me feel better when I feel sad. Enjoy listening to it loud in the dark at night time.

9. NOFX | The Decline
This song is 18 minutes long, I used to fall asleep to it every night when I was 15ish. I know it off by heart now. It's great. I bought it at Tower Records in Glasgow thinking it was an album, but it is just the one song on a CD...

10. Mr. Flagio | Take A Chance (Vocal Version) (Material Cover)
It's quite dramatic and intense, this reminds me of my first year at University which then makes me feel weird and sad.

SIDE B | by Julie Eisenstein

1. The Beach Boys | Wild Honey
Reminds me of being in a car, constantly, in the Summer, forever on repeat.

2. TLC | Creep
Reminds me of making people listen to Creep in the kitchen.

3. Lionel Richie | Dancing On The Ceiling 
I used to listen to this song over and over again while playing a Tony Hawk's demo.

4. Dirty Projectors | Temecula Sunrise
Reminds of being cold in Boston. It helped.

5. Yo La Tengo | Everyday
Makes my head fizz and reminds me of being on a train, because the first time I heard it I was on a train and the Moon was big and orange.

6. Tosca | Postgirl
Makes me feel like I am disappearing in a great way. At the same time it makes me feel like I exist and my skin gets hot.

7. Jeff Buckley | I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be)
I find this hypnotic and I like the beat.

8. Slum Village | Fall In Love
Reminds me of buying a CD because I liked the cover and Enthusiasm.

9. Jon B | They Don't Know 
Reminds me of trying to have a boyfriend.

10. Animal Collective | Purple Bottle
Rage driving to the beach with this tape playing loud.