WARMER MIXTAPES #1515 | by Richard Dorfmeister [Dr. Richard, Evangelista]/(Richard Dorfmeister vs. Madrid De Los Austrias, Kruder & Dorfmeister) and Rupert Huber (Berliner Theorie, Dawn, L/O/N/G) of Dehli9 and Tosca

SIDE A | by Rupert Huber

1. The Beatles | A Day In The Life
Heard this when I was a child and it blew my mind. A collage of 2 songs, the noise parts, the vocals are amazing. I still like this track...

2. Sex Pistols | Anarchy In The UK
Also a childhood memory and still a personal favourite. I always thought the Sex Pistols did funny, energetic Music, and I like the song so much I even made a Piano-Minimal-Instrumental arrangement of it!

3. Blind Willie McTell | Broke Down Engine Blues
I discovered McTell in my 20s and I fell in Love with his Music - the harmony, the vocals and, on a bad day, the lyrics can speak my mind...

4. Lhasa De Sela | Con Toda Palabra
This song made me a fan of Lhasa, who died some years ago much too early after releasing only 3 albums. I do not speak Spanish, so I do not have a clue what the song is about, but I love the mood, the groove and the voice!

5. Muddy Waters | Manish Boy
As a teenager I found a record of Muddy Waters in School - probably the only good thing I got from there. And that was it. I'm a Muddy Waters fan since then, and this is his archetypal song, with THE Guitar Riff, The Grandfather Of All Guitar Riffs Since Then...

6. J.J. Cale | If You're Ever In Oklahoma
I can hear this song all the time, even in loop. Why? Not only because of the voice, J.J.'s groove and his guitar playing, but also because there is nothing really happening - like an instrumental background track, but a song, and he is complaining about the tickets he got driving through Oklahoma at night!

7. Franz SchubertDie Forelle (Performed by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Gerald Moore)
Always liked this one, tried to play it on the piano, but could not get it right with the singing; Schubert is maybe a male version of Lhasa De Sela, sad but strong, and when happy for a moment, soon enough back to Melancholy...

8. Bertolt Brecht | Die Moritat Von Mackie Messer (Die Dreigroschenoper Original Soundtrack)
Lyrics by Brecht, this classic I love because of its harmonies, they are like a curve, they always go around, not a circle, like a road to somewhere!

9. Einst├╝rzende Neubauten | Ich Bin's
Another classic from my late teenager days. Great band, the concerts were loud, they were destroying shopping carts, and Blixa was screaming around. On the record it turned out to be very well produced, and the lyrics very strong...

10. Johnny Cash | The Long Black Veil (Lefty Frizzell Cover)
A very kitschy song about a ma who sleeps with his best friend's wife and, although it would save his life, does not admit it... But with a voice like Cash you can sing songs like this and sound real and tragic!

SIDE B | by Richard Dorfmeister

1. Dean Martin | Houston (Sanford Clark Cover)
We love Dino! Who does not? And why not? The secret of this man, it seems, was that he had all these talents - the voice, the behaviour, the looks, the wit - and nobody was jealous. As they said - a guy for guys and a ladies' man. Lucky man...

2. Elvis Presley | Never Been To Spain (Three Dog Night Cover) (from Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden)
Old and fat, serving The Mafia in Las Vegas, still the man can sing. Not really a song that is expressing more than: After the soft part there comes the loud one... And you have to be good to be able to sing that. And of course The King was!

3. M | Pop Muzik
One of the most funny songs in Pop History. Always liked it, anyway. This song, like the one before, brings up the theme: Does a song have to be good to be good?...

4. Rockers Hi-Fi | What A Life!
This one is a good song, indeed. Music cool, lyrics good, I can feel the things they are singing about, and the Music is groovy and Minimalistic. Job well done!

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Give It Away
The best rip off of Come Together ever made. And the band with the best name in decades. Give It Away is a hommage to the 60s Music obviously, Beatles, Who, and all that jazz...

6. Lee Scratch Perry | Panic In Babylon
Love the horns! More horns in Music! The deeper the better! More deep horns in Music!

7. Talking Heads | Live During Wartime
Let me express this idea: the format, the frame of "song" destroyed so much in Music. There is so much more to Music than a guy with a guitar and singing some everyday life lyrics. There is so much beautiful Music around, why always concentrate on songs! The 90's are over...

8. Klaus Nomi | Simple Man
I do not know why, but today I feel very 80s. So that is why Klaus Nomi, icon of the 80s, shows up in this list. Good to have you here, Klaus, anyway!

9. Gainsbourg | Ecce Homo
Less known than the big hits, this is a very nice Reggae tune by Gainsbarre...

10. Prince And The Revolution | Kiss
Ah, yes... No, he has to be here and this one, of the many hits of him, I liked most back then... Prince is coming close to the Dean Martin area, so talented and everybody likes him... It seems!