WARMER MIXTAPES #1519 | by Carl Harper

1. The Beatles | The Night Before (Help! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This song is really fixed in my memory from when I first started playing guitar and I was listening to it over and over trying to figure out the chords.

2. Nirvana | Lithium
The first time I heard the Nevermind album when I was visiting family in America, my cousin introduced me to Nirvana and I loved the full album but I played Lithium the most.

3. Eagles | Hotel California
Storytelling at its finest, just a brilliant song filled with catchy hooks and harmonies.

4. The Beatles | Blackbird
I actually seen someone play Blackbird on the guitar and they wouldn't show me how to play it. I was determined to learn it and it was a step up in Guitar Playing for me at the time.

5. Van Morrison | Into The Mystic 
I remember hearing this song on TV and thinking it was amazing. It's a song that stayed with me from the very first listen.

6. Coldplay | Life Is For Living
Secret song on Parachutes album, loved the grainy Lo-Fi intro that leads into Pure Clarity. Really brilliant short song that you want to put on repeat.

7. Foo Fighters | My Hero
I had to learn My Hero with a band in College first time I ever heard it, and I loved the big build up for the end. After this I became a fan and had to get some Foo Fighters albums.

8. Oasis | Don't Look Back In Anger
My brother had (What's The Story) Morning Glory? album when we were younger and I loved this song and pretty much every other song on the album.

9. Paul McCartney & Wings | Band On The Run
I can't actually remember where or when I first heard this song, but the reason I love it so much is because it sounds like a several songs blended together and it works perfectly.

10. Eric Clapton | Tears In Heaven (Rush Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
It's very difficult to only pick 10 songs, but I have managed to squeeze this one in there because of the deep meaning behind it. Also I actually went to see Eric Clapton live and he was incredible, but obviously he didn't play this one.