WARMER MIXTAPES #1520 | by Krista Manison [Krista Papista]

1. Billie Holiday | Gloomy Sunday (Pál Kalmár/Hal Kemp & His Orchestra Cover)
The bad reputation that exists within the history of the song really fascinates me. Gloomy Sunday also known as the Hungarian Suicide Song, first composed in 1933 and became popular in 1941 when Billie Holiday released a version of it. Legend says loads of people committed suicide while listening to the song, it's said it got banned from several radio stations.

2. Serge Gainsbourg | La Chanson De Prévert
I listen to this song far too often than I would like to admit. I listen to it when I wake up freshly indulged in carefree Optimism, I listen to it when I'm miserable, I listen to it for pleasure, I listen to it a lot! There's something that completely fulfils me in the melody, in the lyrics and in Serge's delivery. He's facial expression in the video is also very satisfying. This song has definitely established itself as a soundtrack in my life.

3. Giacomo Puccini | O Mio Babbino Caro (Perfomed by Maria Callas with Orchestre National de France; Conductor: Georges Prêtre) (from Gianni Schicchi)
This song always awakens certain sensitivities in me. It's one of the strongest heartache songs I have ever heard.

4. Elliott Smith | A Fond Farewell
This song reminds me of my teenage hood. Hot sticky Summer nights in Cyprus. My teenage room, my bed and a fan. Elliott's intense beautifully structured lyrics pleased me, his melody and chilled voice distilled with despair was all I needed some days. I still listen to him a lot, I love him.

5. Jamie Principle | Bad Boy (The Movie)
I always put this song when I'm trashed in an afterparty.

6. Arleta | Bar To Navagio
The lyrics in the song are fantastic. They will lose their charm once translated in English. Arleta is a great lyricist, this song is an ultimate classic in my life. I love the videoclip as well, beautiful.

7. Grauzone | Eisbär
This song always gets me in good mood.

8. Kaiti Garbi | Ftou Kselefteria! (with The Children's Choir Of Spiros Labrou)
This song illuminates childhood memories - I adore these catchy Greek Pop songs which have this distinctive Oriental beat, we share similar sounds with Arabic countries, I love that.

9. Morrissey | I Know Very Well How I Got My Name
This song has the power to move me... Every line of this song, I somehow feel I completely understand where it's coming from.

10. Babyshambles | Pipedown
Fucking love this song... I love Pete Doherty.

+11. Misun | After Me 
This is a new song I found in 2015 by a new band, I think this song is fucking amazing.

+12. Yasmine Hamdan | Samar
This song has an euphoric sound, the chorus calms me down, the singer is fucking beautiful. I saw her live a few years ago.

+13. Don McLean | American Pie
A classic that is a classic in my life.

+14. Andy Williams | Moon River (Audrey Hepburn/Henry Mancini, His Orchestra And Chorus Cover)
This song makes me think of my dad, and the mutual love we shared for this song.

+15. Hole | Olympia
This song seems like another soundtrack of my teenage hood. Hormones going crazy, Punk Music, girls, aggressive conversations, black out weekends, hanging out in the street, more guitar sounds...