WARMER MIXTAPES #1522 | by Aleksander Tochilkin [Koett/Veer/Kott] of Kött & Wellbeck and Koett & Wellbeck

1. Re-Count | Oasi?
This track brings me to Hong Kong in 2060, I don't know why but the track was able to make me associate it with The Future. Probably because I love to read Science Fiction.

2. Doctor Rockit | Café De Flore
With this track began the most romantic period of my life.

3. DJ Koze | Burn With Me
It's in my playlist always. And I listen to it every day. For me, this kind of song guides me in some situations in the right direction.

4. Marco Zenker | Morpho
This is a cry from the heart. The thoughts in my head loves this tune.

5. Applescal | Lonely People
This one was written by my friend. It conveys the image of my life.

6. Umwelt | Structure Noir
I do not know what to say here. Just a cool piece!

7. Staffan Linzatti | The Contraption
Just magic.

8. Skudge | Melodrama
I'm always playing it on parties. Love it.

9. Mike Dehnert | Detroit Switch Back To City
My association with the area where I grew up.

10. Convextion | Spice Tea
End of my top.