WARMER MIXTAPES #1521 | by Marcel Mendez [Astral/Sage's Space Trio/Sayge] of Sage's Space Quintet

1. NxWorries | Suede
Best duo. Knxwledge is a complete genius with his unique style of producing & Anderson.Paak's voice is like a godly drunk preacher. It's amazing. Really inspired me to start singing & hopefully start a project where I'm singing over my Astral producing style. This song never gets old for me. I bump this constantly!

2. D'Angelo | Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine (Jay Dee Remix) 
J Dilla is a king. Always is. Always will be. I was really young when my older sister introduced me to his Music and, as much as I love the original, Dilla adds such a new groove to D'Angelo's already entrancing voice. So much Soul. I'm so glad D'Angelo is back.

3. Miles Davis | So What
As a Jazz bass player/composer first & foremost, Kind Of Blue was one of the many albums that introduced my to Jazz. The way Paul Chambers starts the bass lick with a note that isn't the root... Revolutionizing. Definitely a very important record in Jazz. Miles Davis is a genius & the modal style of the solo B-section's inspiring.

4. The Roots | Mellow My Man
Amazing wordplay. Black Thought is probably one of the most underrated rappers. He can freestyle incredibly as well. The horns, the groove in this song inspires me. Man... Also love the little part in the middle where they go into a sort of Be Bopish style.

5. Charles Mingus | Jump Monk
As a Jazz bass player... This song is amazing. Charles Mingus was such a genius.

6. Dizzy Gillespie | Tin Tin Deo (with Christopher White) (Live Version)
His live version of this... My relaxation song. I'm always in the mood for this song. The just trumpet & bass version. Beautiful.

7. Weather Report | Palladium
Weather Report was one of the first groups my paps introduced me to when it came to Jazz. Always said Jaco. HE was a bass player...

8. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers | Moanin'
This is probably my favourite Jazz standard to play & perform.

9. John Coltrane | A Love Supreme: Part 1 - Acknowledgement
A Love Supreme.

10. Curtis Mayfield | Move On Up
I heard this before I heard Touch The Sky by Kanye West. I love the groove. The percussion. The range of Curtis Mayfield's voice. Such a groove. They need to start playing things like this at clubs.