WARMER MIXTAPES #1528 | by Einar Indra [EinarIndra] of Sad Owl Brothers and The Incredible Shrinking Brain Band/My Own Ruin

1. Squarepusher | Coopers World
I was 15 in a record store and this big time Music critic was there and told me this was the shit. And yes it was, I bought the vinyl and fell in love with the D&B, Jazz meltdown. Genius. Makes me feel young again. And the mixture of sounds and programming of beats is really stunning. This Music never grows old, I don't get bored of it.

2. Tortoise | TNT
I used to frequent a cozy record store called Hljómalind (I later started a cafe with some friends with the same name). The owner, Kiddi, highly recomended this record. I listened to it, thought it would be a good present for my brother for a graduation party. Later I borrowed it, and never gave it back 'cause you just don't give that album back. It took some time to get me hooked, but then it was for life.

3. A Tribe Called Quest | The Pressure 
I was a DJ in Elementary School where this song was often under the needle. Love the lyrics and the beats. Used to listen to it for ages when I was 14-15. A Tribe Called Quest is such a good Hip Hop group.

4. Bon Iver | Flume
I had a friend who worked at this Music festival and therefore always got tons of new Music. She gave me this and Beirut. I really liked Beirut, but didn't catch on to Bon Iver right away. Then during the summer I went driving around Iceland listening to this record and I haven't stopped since.

5. James Blake | Lindisfarne II
I was at a summer house in the West and a friend of me lend me two things, James Blake album and the first series of Game Of Thrones. Both extremely good things and I'm very grateful. This song was the first to hit me and kinda inspired me when I did my first song after a long break, using some Autotune/vocoder effect I found online.

6. µ-Ziq | Lunatic Harness
You just gotta love those beats and Beatboxing samples, the atmo is also something else. Really dark.

7. To Rococo Rot | Die Dinge Des Lebens
This song is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard. There's just something I can't put my finger on. Stunning Electronica.

8. múm | I'm 9 Today
I was in High School and I think múm first introduced me to this Glitchy-type Electronica. I remember buying this album, skiping class and hanging out in the dining hall listening to this. It's the perfect fusion of cute Electronic and some instruments.

9. Sigur Rós | Leit Af Lífi (Recycled by Sigur Rós)
This is the first song I heard with Sigur Rós. They were unknown and this mixture of Indie Rock with Drum And Bass really got me. Great band and this song is awesome.

10. Devendra Banhart | Heard Somebody Say
Hippy lyric, long beard and long hair, cool song. I fucking love this shit.

+11. Air | All I Need (with Beth Hirsch)
This song really makes me feel good, it's a beautiful feel good song topped off with stunning bass and sounds.

+12. GusGus | Polyesterday
When I heard this song first, I was deeply into Hip Hop.. I was doing construction work in a small 100 people town in the East and had the luxury of listening to the radio at evenings. This song was just released and got played and I fell in love with it. The Hip-Hopish/Trip Hop beat and groovy bass with those sexy vocals...

+13. Jimi Tenor | Sugardaddy
The sexy beast of a synth bass, need I say more... It just reminds me of a time 15 years ago when Jimi came to Reykjavík and played this small club wearing a wedding dress. It was awesome. Just love the overall sound, the synths and drums. Analog Heaven.