WARMER MIXTAPES #1529 | by Aman Singh and Johnny Drain (Pin Tweaks) of TWEAKS

SIDE A | by Johnny Drain 

1. Ike & Tina Turner | River Deep - Mountain High 
Getting born: I don't know what song I was born to or even if there was Music playing, but I'd like to think that if there was then it was this.

2. Bronski Beat | Smalltown Boy
Vague, intangible memories of being a child: I grew up in Birmingham which is not a small town (it's the second largest city in the UK), but I was a boy, so I can relate to at least part of the song. It's one of those weird songs you have a vague memory of hearing as a kid, but you can't remember where or when. I never knew what it was until a few years ago. Somerville's voice is next level and there's this mix of Joy and Melancholy, as with many of the best Pop songs.

3. Michael Jackson | Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Growing up: I used to be a big MJ fan. I had Thriller on CD and used to dance around the living room to it with my best mate from Primary School. The song's a masterpiece: the production, the groove, the arrangement are all extraordinary.

4. The Stone Roses | I Wanna Be Adored
Adolescence: +The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb... When I first started getting into Music I'd get confused between The Stone Roses and The Rolling Stones. Two of my favourite bands.

5. Trophy Wife | Microlite
Recent years: This is one of the songs I've listened to most over the past five years. Sadly, it didn't get the exposure I thought it deserved.
6. LCD Soundsystem | Home
Current: Stumbling into the night.

7. Justin Hinds & The Dominoes | Over The River 
The Future: I'd like to spend my Senior Years listening to Trojan Records box sets and tending a fruit orchard. There's a line at the end of this chorus that I've always heard as under the grapefruit tree that appeals to me. The harmonies in the song are beautiful.

8. Ratatat | Cherry
Inevitable demise: I like the idea of this song playing at the moment I finally expire and my soul (if you believe in things like that) is pulled through the Cosmic Ether to wherever souls return to.

9. Deee-Lite | Groove Is In The Heart
Funeral: I always thought I'd like this played at my funeral with people dancing like they do in the video on my cask. In Reality it'll probably be a much dourer affair.

10. Van Morrison | Astral Weeks
Cosmic Oneness: Probably my favourite album of all time. When Van Morrison sings to be born again you feel like it might be possible: I'd like to be reincarnated as something useful like a piece of Art or something beautiful like a hairbush.

SIDE B | by Aman Singh

1. Delorean | Seasun
Getting Born: Popping out into the light of day I can just imagine this track blaring out of the hospital intercom.

2. The Doors | People Are Strange
Childhood: The Doors were always on the record player at home during my early years. I also used to see people that nobody else could - these scary Punk Rocker figures and this track reminds me of those trippy days being a five year old.

3. Jean Michelle Jarre | Oxygene (Part I)
Growing Up: When I was 10 my parents took me to his concert at Maine Road stadium in Manchester and it was the start of my obsession with semicircular synths and laser harps.

4. DJ Zinc | Super Sharp Shooter 
Adolescence: It was all about Jungle in Birmingham during my early teens. We used to listen to a lot of white label stuff, but most people will remember this one.

5. Kindness | Cyan
Recent years: The vibe of this track pretty much sums up my state of mind in recent years.

6. The Sisters Of Mercy | Dominion/Mother Russia
Current: I've always been really into this track, but I've had it on repeat for the past week. It's pretty appropriate with the current state of international relations!

7. Animal Collective | FloriDada
The Future: The Future is bright! It's multicoloured, full of sunshine and Piña Coladas.

8. Jim Croce | Time In A Bottle
Inevitable Demise: I guess we'll all be wishing for more Time.

9. Broadcast | Winter Now
Funeral: A fine local voice to send me on my way up the chimney and into the Brummy skies.

10. Charanjit Singh | Raga Bhairav
Cosmic Oneness: Indian Classical Music stems from the idea of the Nada, the primordial vibration that all Life is created from - the origins of the Universe. Listen to these ragas long enough and, as your ego dissolves into the beat of the TR-808, you might just experience some Cosmic Oneness yourself.