WARMER MIXTAPES #1534 | by Adrián Gázquez [Omega dB]

Photo by Miguel Angel León

1. a-ha | Take On Me
I was born in the 80's. When I was a child my aunt was in her twenties. She always used to listen to the most relevant groups of the decade, a-ha among them. This song makes me return to my childhood with very nice memories.

2. The Chemical Brothers | Hey Boy Hey Girl 
This song made me really an Electronic Music lover. Today I hear it and it's still sophisticated. It is timeless. It's really an amazing composition. It makes me remember the importance of creating Original Music without tags or styles, only your own sound.

3. Der Dritte Raum | Hale Boop 
I've never been in Space, but this song really makes me travel there. I close my eyes and am able to create stunning images of distant galaxies and unexplored planets. I can also see the Hale-Bopp shining.

4. Nathan Fake | The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix) 
This song reminds me of when I was a teen. I loved to dance on it in many clubs of Barcelona till late. I was transported to a distant, deep and wide world. I think it's a masterpiece. The original mix is really amazing, but Holden makes it a very dancing song, maintaining a melodic vision.

5. Depeche Mode | Walking On My Shoes
I don't like to judge anyone or to be judged by anyone. It makes remember me the importance of Self Worth. Live and let live. I think this song makes it clear.

6. Apparat | Ash/Black Veil 
It makes me feel Beauty and Melancholy at the same time. It is able to create beautiful landscape images in my head. This Music is simply wonderful.

7. Hans Zimmer | No Time For Caution (Interstellar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I love Cinema. One of my favourite directors is Christopher Nolan and one of my favourite music composers is Hans Zimmer. In this occasion they worked together to create an amazing audio-visual job. I think Love is the greatest thing that exists in the Universe and this song shows the enormous power of Love.

8. Moderat | Seamonkey
This song is amazing. It is the wonderful product of three geniuses working together. For me it represents The Energy.

9. M83 | Outro (from Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.)
The World is very fast. Sometimes you want to stop and take a deep breath. This song gives me Peace and Hope, also Freedom. It helps me think clearly.

10. Queen | The Show Must Go On 
Life is a constant change. Something new happens every minute. But whatever happens, the show must go on.