WARMER MIXTAPES #1533 | by Howard Rigberg [My Robot Friend]

1. Barnes & Barnes | Fish Heads 
If you're a weird 8 year old kid in a suburban town, maybe you don't even know that there is something else out there. Sometimes you need a singing fish head to help you hear The Truth.

2. The Art Of Noise | Close (To The Edit) 
When you're 14 years old, the stakes are really high. Which path are you going to choose? You hear the siren song on television calling out to you. Transfixed by the made-up eyes of a child ordering the destruction of a piano on the High Line in a forgotten part of New York City. It's all in there; waiting for you and calling out, Hey!

3. Daniel Johnston | Etiquette
I made the blunder of attracting her attention instead of giving it. If you are a self-absorbed, navel-gazing twenty-something and you need help crawling out of your own asshole and making friends, you can read a bunch of self-help books or you can take 2:58 out of your life and listen to this song. It's more fun than reading Dale Carnegie, that's for sure. You'll never know until you try!

4. Talking Heads | This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
If you pass into your 30s and you still haven't found Love or a place to call Home, what do you do? Maybe you haven't opened yourself up wide enough. Maybe you aren't looking in the right places. Maybe you forgot the reason why you are singing in the first place. Sing into my mouth.

5. Le Tigre | Deceptacon
Let me hear you depoliticize my rhyme. (One, two, three, four) You got what you been asking for. Like all great Punk Rock, this song makes you feel like you can do IT. Whatever IT is can vary, but the inspiration is palpable. The song is about lots of things, but, first and foremost, it is a Deceptacon. Whatever you THINK it is about doesn't matter because it is a covert operator designed by Kathleen Hanna to get inside of your brain and help you to do IT.

6. Antony And The Johnsons | I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy 
Can you learn to love the part of you that has been left behind? It takes the force of Forgiveness to break out of the chrysalis. Are you a boy or are you a girl?

7. Herbert | The Audience 
Listen to this song and you hear Matthew tell you exactly how much you mean to him and why he makes Music and why you listen. Let's be in Love while the song is playing. Move with me. With me removed. You will not remember this passing moment soon.

8. Fatlip | What's Up Fatlip? 
Feelin' downtrodden, fresh kid turned rotten. I can't believe how naive that I've gotten. Washed up and past your prime? Here's an anthem for Low Self-Esteem. If you need a pick me up, then hang out with a natural comedian. Keep your sense of humor stronger than your pain and you'll make it through. Fatlip is brave enough to be honest and smart enough to survive.

9. Van Morrison | Madame George
Close your eyes when the song begins and you will be at the party with Madame George. The room will vibrate with Love and Empathy and you will feel young and alive. But it won't last forever. It never does. The cops will come, or you will get older, or you will open your eyes and forget everything except the longing. Oh, that's when you fall...

10. William Onyeabor | Something You'll Never Forget
So do you need a mysterious, eccentric, reclusive, devout, African musician to remind you that you are going to die? Yes, apparently you do... And hopefully you will not forget it this time.