WARMER MIXTAPES #1542 | by Mary Walker

1. Michael Jackson | Billie Jean 
The first record I ever bought was Thriller and I used to make my family do A Capella harmonizations to Billie Jean on long road trips. It’s still a major staple in my collection and, if it comes on, all Hell breaks loose.

2. Zero 7 | Destiny (with Sia Furler, Sophie Barker)
Nobody does Ambient Music better than Zero 7. I was introduced to them in Middle School and still listen to them almost every day. Destiny especially has stayed with me through the years. The lyrics are so gorgeous. They're playful and light while being deep and nostalgic. Something I try to accomplish in my own Music.

3. Drake | From Time (feat. Jhené Aiko)
Drake & Jhené Aiko are 2 of my favorite artists. The vibe of this song is so chill and the hook is fantastic. I love me enough for the both of us. Every person should hold onto that feeling.

4. Chet Baker | My Funny Valentine (Mitzi Green Cover)
Easily my favorite male vocalist of all time. I love Chet Baker's subdued style on this track and the melody breaks my heart.

5. FTSE | St Tropez (feat. ForteBowie)
I used to bump this song SO LOUD when I lived in LA and was driving through the freeways at night. Grab your shit, we'll go to St. Tropez together!... YES! That's all I wanted to do. I also love FTSE and his use of 808’s on everything.

6. Alina Baraz & Galimatias | Make You Feel
The sexiest song ever.

7. Lauryn Hill | Tell Him
The humility of this song is the sweetest representation of what Music should be. At first listen you’d think it's about her love for a man, but after a few listens you realize it's a poem to God asking for guidance. I love that. It’ll always be a special song to me.

8. Imogen Heap | Just For Now 
It's that time of year, leave all our hopelessnesses aside. That's such a beautiful lyric. This song feels so organic to me, like it was meant to be written to give anyone who listens a 3 minute break of relief and comfort.

9. Gretchen Parlato | Weak (SWV Cover)
The song is actually a cover of the SWV track, but it absolutely stands on its own. The format is really free and it just takes you away. Gretchen Parlato’s vocal phrasing is so unique and lovely and fun to listen to.

10. Sufjan Stevens | That Dress Looks Nice On You 
Such a pure song. I can see a lot of life in you... And I think the dress looks nice on you. It's such a light hearted thing to say, but it's so heavy. Sufjan is a master at making his lyrics and melodies align perfectly to whisk you away into a softer, more gentle world.