WARMER MIXTAPES #1543 | by Billie Eilish

Photo by Jaesung Lee

1. JAY Z & Kanye West  | No Church In The Wild (feat. Frank Ocean)
The message of this song's so great. The beat is dope. It's a song you never get tired of.

2. AURORA | Runaway
This song changed my life in so many ways. I saw the video and I heard the song and my mind exploded. Big influence on me.

3. Tyler, The Creator | She (feat. Frank Ocean)
I love Frank Ocean's voice in this and Tyler's voice and the vibe are really cool.

4. Childish Gambino | Sweatpants (feat. Problem)
The Rap is great and the beat makes you want to dance.

5. Rihanna | Needed Me
The melody is cool. The Love, the vibe and the whole message of the song. The beat is really different.

6. Emmit Fenn | Painting Greys 
This song is so cool and Emmit is the greatest. We got to work together recently on a new song!!

7. The Neighborhood | The Beach
I like how dark it is. I love everything about this song and the whole album.

8. Blackbear | idfc
Especially the Acoustic version, but they are both great. I love his voice on this and it is so relatable.

9. Bad Suns | Cardiac Arrest
I love the drums in this song. It's fun to dance to.

10. Gabrielle Current | Come To Think (feat Finneas)
It's a great song. Mellow and super vibey.