WARMER MIXTAPES #1544 | by Vizi Imre [Vizi]/(Empty Dreams/Titan)

1. Stevie Wonder | Superstition
One of my‎ favourite songs. It got me closer to the discovery of my musical identity.

2. The Police | Roxanne
When I discovered the song, I was 10. I liked it so much that when I was listening to it I closed my eyes and imagined a crowd cheering in front of me. My dream came true and I have been playing this song for a while now.

3. Commodores | Brick House
The song that led me into the world of Disco Funky. I've been hypnotised ever since.

4. Cee Lo Green | Cry Baby
The song that inspired an original song of mine called Kind Of Girl. Thank you, Cee Lo!

5. Daft Punk | Give Life Back To Music
This song made me realize that there is still hope for Music, real Music, Music made with musical instruments that has a Human factor in it.

6. Thelonious Monk | Blue Monk
One of my favourite Jazz songs. ‎I don't know why, but I can't get bored of it.

7. Bob Marley & The Wailers | Redemption Song
I realised the importance of having a message in my songs. This song definitely changed my life.

8. Chaka Khan | And The Melody Still Lingers On (Night In Tunisia) (Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra's 'A Night In Tunisia' Adaptation)
It grooves and moves me and I listened to this song for a whole year every day.

9. Michael Jackson | Thriller
Amazing groove! Makes me dance. Amazing work made by Quincy Jones. Respect!

10. The Weeknd | Can't Feel My Face
Makes me remember of Michael Jackson. It makes me feel like dancing.