WARMER MIXTAPES #1549 | by Vita Chambers

1. Reflekt | Need To Feel Loved (feat. Delline Bass)
This is the song I run to when I've had a long day. I dim the lights and dance around my apartment, it's hypnotic. Afterwords I feel relaxed and calm, LOVE THIS SONG!!!

2. Whitesnake | Here I Go Again
This is my go-to Karaoke song!! It's also a perfect song to get over a broken heart. You have to fully commit, grab your hair brush (microphone), let go and belt out that antithetic chorus.

3. Michael Jackson | You Rock My World
OK, now this song is impossible NOT to dance to. It doesn't matter where I am; grocery store, gas station, the DMV, if this song comes on I am dancing. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!

4. Usher | Climax
This song is sooo sensual. The second I heard this song I was obsessed, let it take over and feel it in your soul. (I'm listening to it while writing this. Soooo good...)

5. Chris Brown | Don't Judge Me 
This song feels like warm caramel. It's just beautiful.

6. Frou Frou | Let Go
Whenever I'm asked what my favorite song is, I think of this song. This song means so much to me. This song understood me and made me feel alive. I am forever bound to this song.

7. Jude | I Know 
This song speaks for its self. I get lost in this song, close my eye and drift.

8. Miguel | Adorn
This song I listen to before I go on stage. It makes me feel sexy and confident. I call it my power song.

9. DNCE | Cake By The Ocean
LOL, this song is my summer anthem. I play this song at the gym, in the shower, while cooking, alarm to wake up to. It just get me moving.

10. Rufus And Chaka Khan | Ain't Nobody
Whenever I'm in the car with my mom this song plays. It's a ritual now, we jam out to this song at least 2 times during the drive.

+11. Queen | Another One Bites The Dust
My dad played this song to me for the first time when I was 6. We were in his Porsche driving down the highway, blasting this song, and it's been a favorite of mine ever since.