WARMER MIXTAPES #1550 | by Gabrielle Current

1. Little Dragon | Sunshine
Soaked in some magic, come across to transform my every loss. Little Dragon ALWAYS inspires me with their pulsating synths and incomparable vocals. This is my happy song.

2. Majid Jordan | King City
You’re so damn special. But you’re driving me wild. I recently found this song and remember first playing it on repeat for hours on end, constantly getting chills. Super sexy melody, beat, and breathy vocals. I love everything about the track.

3. Hiatus Kaiyote | Nakamarra
Opening our hearts and nurturing our minds to shine... My sister introduced me to this feel-good track. I was immediately attracted to the Jazz-Funk-Soul sound. The verses are dynamic and busy, while the chorus is straightforward and simply beautiful. In my opinion, the most endearing Love song.

4. Drake | Over My Dead Body
Jealousy is just Love & Hate at the same time. Woooow. Classic & cool. Although this is predominately a Hip Hop track, I will always admire the piano driven melody and touches of R&B. Lowkey, this is my go-to song to sing in the car.

5. Amy Winehouse | The Girl From Ipanema (Pery Ribeiro's 'Garota De Ipanema' Cover)
Hands down my favorite vocalist. Ever. This song is an instant mood boost & makes me feel like I’m driving in a convertible in the South of France. I appreciate Music that can mentally take you to another place. R.I.P. to The Queen who never fails to illuminate lives of musicians to this day.

6. Ta-ku | Love Again (feat. JMSN & Sango)
Ta-ku = FEELS. The chord progression + extremely soulful vocals make this my favorite lighthearted groove/Electronic ballad. You can always find me singing the chorus at the top of my lungs.

7. Ella Henderson | Ghost (Oliver Nelson Remix)
This is the very first track that intensely inspired me to create Electronic Pop Music with vocal samples. This song is so groovy, I’m always dancing to it.

8. Mocki | Weekend (Jai Wolf Remix)
Jai Wolf's rework has so much more drive and energy. I always blast this when good company is around. More than anything, I love how animated and dancey this song makes you feel.

40 million in California. No one cares if I stay. LANY knows how to write everything you don’t know how to say. Effortless lyrics & beats that drive the piece flawlessly.

10. Blood Orange | It Is What It Is 
Bouncy, yet, at the same time, I always feel like I’m listening in slow motion. Can we talk about that chorus though...