WARMER MIXTAPES #1552 | by Robby Fitzpatrick, Finneas O’Connell, David Marinelli and Darius Dudley II of The Slightlys

SIDE A | by Finneas O’Connell

1. LANY | BRB 
I feel like I relate to everything LANY puts out, but I especially relate to this gem. Awesome melodies, lyrics and vibe.

2. The Wombats | Greek Tragedy 
The bass and distorted drums in this song are SO GNARLY. I also love the pre-chorus lyrics and the soaring synth in the intro.

3. Noah Gundersen | First Defeat 
THESE LYRICS ARE SO GOOD. And the melody is beautiful. A truly honest and emotionally delivered pieced of Art.

4. Jon Bellion | Jim Morrison
This drum beat is so gnarly and I love how referential he gets with all the artists and icons he references. This dude is gonna take over The World.

5. The Neighbourhood | Ferrari 
The bass in the chorus of this song is DISTURBING. I love that line you're LA and I'm Newbury Park too. That's so great especially if you know the backstory of the band.

6. Father John Misty | Holy Shit 
I love every single thing about this song. This song is even better live. All hail Father John Misty.

7. Shovels And Rope | Birmingham 
Been a fan of theirs for a couple years now... Such a great sound. I love how DIY it is. This song was originally called The Ballad Of Shovels And Rope, since it's sort of about their whole lives.

8. The 1975 | If I Believe You
The chorus harmonies in this song are SO LIT. Sounds like a Gospel choir, which is endlessly ironic and poignant, considering this song's meaning. Amazing band.

9. Sir Sly | Found You Out 
The whole album is amazing, but this song in particular is special to me. Incredibly heartbreaking lyrics melded with synth drums and Acoustic guitar. My table didn't need a Judas, your pride turned you into Brutus... is such a GREAT LINE.

10. Panic! At The Disco | Death Of A Bachelor 
Sinatra meets 808 heart stopping euphoria. Ugh, I love this song SO MUCH. Dude has PIPESSSS.

SIDE B | by Darius Dudley II

1. Pink Floyd | Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
This song is a classic and I heard it constantly from my Dad playing it in his car. I love the beats and how engaged the band is with everyone participating in the production.

2. Oingo Boingo | Dead Man's Party 
Another song played by my dad during my early years of childhood. The beats and skins made by this group in this piece blew my mind at the time and still does. The dancy beat off this song makes one truly feel like they are at a party. It's also interesting to note my former drum teacher had played with this group as well for a time.

3. Crush 40 | Live And Learn (Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack)
One of my favorite video game theme classics from Sonic The Hedgehog. It inspires a heroic feeling in the listener and is a great way to feel like you've got a big power boost from hearing it. At least to me.

4. Crush 40 | His World (Ali Tabatabaee & Matty Lewis Cover) (from Sonic The Hedgehog Vocal Traxx: Several Wills) (Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Original Soundtrack)
The beginning of this song is one of my favorite openings and the beat that follows and goes through the whole song is also one of my favorites. How the band blend in with one another, playing off of each other, is fantastic.

5. Tears For Fears | Everybody Wants To Rule The World
My all time favorite song because of the Ambient sounds throughout the song. The flat key melody the song delves into nearly puts me to tears.

6. Estelle | Stronger Than You (with Rebecca Sugar) (Steven Universe Original Soundtrack)
A great tune from a great show. It's empowering and quite the dancy song, filled with awesome lyrics and fantastic melody.

7. Bad Suns | Sleep Paralysis 
The production on this song is great, with the big bass guitar riff at the bridge to the end being my favorite part.

8. Martin O'Donnell And Michael Salvatori | Halo (Halo Original Soundtrack)
The song has no lyrics, but it's an awesome tune to go with an awesome game; well-crafted, featuring a string ensemble and great rhythm. Gives you a sense of the fight you're finishing when playing the game.

9. Panic! At The Disco | Victorious
Loved the chorus of voices in the song and chants with those voices. The beat is something to headbang to as well.

10. LB (Remix Factory) | Dreams Of An Absolution (from Sonic The Hedgehog Vocal Traxx: Several Wills) (Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Original Soundtrack)
It's a fantastic mix of sounds and singing and ambiance. I loved the key it is in and the production and beats are nice to groove to.

SIDE C | by David Marinelli

1. Hippo Campus | South 
I love the type of boom, kaka, boom ka that goes into a lot of Indie Music like this song. I dig.

2. The 1975 | A Change Of Heart 
I really love all of the throwback sounds on this whole record! The super drum machine-y drum machine is something that really appeals to me and is actually making some headway in some upcoming Slightlys Music!

3. Thrice | Anthology  
As a drummer, how can I not love those huge drums on the chorus? Love Thrice.

4. The Neighbourhood | Prey 
I love the groove in this track. Really tastefully done ghost notes from the drummer to accompany the guitar part in the verse.

5. twenty one pilots | House Of Gold 
I'm a sucker for these guys and I'm a sucker for stompy-clappy songs. That's another thing that you can expect to hear in upcoming Slightlys tunes!

6. Shakey Graves | Pansy Waltz 
Love, love, love this dude! He's amazing. It's hard to pick a specific song or even a specific thing that I like about him. All I can say is that this song is amazing and his live videos account for a significant portion of my Internet usage.

7. The Front Bottoms | Twin Sized Mattress 
Robby and I are super dedicated fans of these dudes. Their Music, to me, has a lot of anthemic parts that you can feel yourself singing along to before you even know the lyrics.

8. Mt. Wolf | Anacrusis
I saw this band a while ago and they really blew my mind. I love their lyrical, yet Ambient style. It feels instrumental even though there are vocals, which is something I really find interesting about them.

9. Bad Suns | Twenty Years 
Definitely my favorite Bad Suns track. Every instrument has a really interesting, conducive part and the resulting groove is something that is something that's really unique and impressive.

10. NoMBe | Miss Mirage 
Had this track on repeat for a couple weeks. I love how every part of the song is different and interesting, especially the drum break going into the second chorus.

SIDE D | by Robby Fitzpatrick

1. Jon Bellion | Simple And Sweet 
Jon Bellion writes some of the most energetic, up-beat songs, and listening to him reminds me of why I love to play Music.

2. Tove Lo | Moments 
I just love how Tove Lo's lyrics aren't necessarily the prettiest or the nicest, but still find ways to be charming.

3. Panic! At The Disco | Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time 
The only thing better than Rock Lobster is Rock Lobster morphed with a gigantic chorus.

4. Anberlin | Armageddon  
R.I.P. Anberlin.

5. The Front Bottoms | Summer Shandy  
Front Bottoms lyrics are crazy and unpredictable, and their songs are so damn fun while still being able to bum you out if you think too hard about them.

6. Halsey | Roman Holiday 
Cool song from a cool record, that's pretty much it.

7. This Wild Life | History  
I need a sad Acoustic song on here, and it doesn't get much sadder or more Acoustic than this song. And I just love This Wild Life.

8. Weezer | Thank God For Girls 
Always a sucker for quirky lyrics, and Weezer never disappoints with those.

9. Arctic Monkeys | Arabella
This song is huge, and I actually heard it by accident, but that didn't stop it and the rest of AM from engulfing my life.

10. Miike Snow | Genghis Khan 
I get a little bit Genghis Khan, don't want you to get it on with nobody else but me. What a fricken great line. 10/10.