WARMER MIXTAPES #1553 | by Jordan Mark Witzigreuter [The Ready Set]

1. Copeland | Take Care
I remember hearing this song when I was 15 and thinking that the style of singing was so cool, drifting in and out of falsetto. That was a huge influence on me to start singing.

2. Saves The Day | Nightingale
I grew up on Punk Rock and Hardcore, which obviously doesn't show in my Music at all, but this song in particular bridged the gap for me over to more Pop-oriented stuff without conventional Pop lyrics. A lot of this whole album is pretty heavy lyrically, but it sounds really melodic and bright. I love that sort of thing.

3. Kanye West | Good Life (feat. T-Pain)
This was sort of early when the whole Auto Tune craze was taking hold and I was obsessed with it. I heard the production and was so into this song because it sounded so Electronic and bright and that was really new for the time. Graduation as an album was my first Hip Hop album that I remember really loving, and so much of it has to do with the production and the sounds. Good Life is definitely my favorite on the album.

4. Mr Hudson | There Will Be Tears
Minimal sounding stuff is always a huge inspiration for me. I love when I hear a song that has very little actually happening in the track, but it still sounds full and rich. The melodies in this are super Melancholy and pretty. I always gravitate towards writing those sort of tunes.

5. The Long Winters | Cinnamon 
I remember listening to this song when I was probably 14 years old before I would leave for School in the morning. The lyrics are so descriptive and interesting. It's the type of song you can find 10 different meanings to, and I love that. Being able to apply myself personally to songs I love has always made me connect with them, and that's sort of why I don't always like to talk about what my own songs are about. I want other people to be able to make the song their own.

6. Imogen Heap | Goodnight And Go
This whole Imogen Heap album is really impressive to me, knowing she did all of it on her own. That was a huge inspiration and that mentality of wanting to make something awesome on my own stuck with me.

7. City And Colour | Hello, I'm In Delaware
This song played a lot in the van on my first tour I ever did. It's a very sad song about being away from home and from loved ones, but something about it was comforting to me in the early days of constant travel.

8. The Lawrence Arms | The Raw And Searing Flesh
Some of my favorite lyrics. Really cool song, and the album is as well. Still makes my top 10 list of favorites for sure.

9. Deas Vail | Shoreline
I love slow piano songs, and the ending of this has one of those very haunting melodies that sticks with me.

10. Toto | Africa
I can't figure out what it is about this song. I think I remember somebody showing it to me a long time ago and thinking the Tropical sounds in it were odd, but now I find myself heavily influenced by that sort of 80's, almost Caribbean vibe. It's like an accidental influence that got me into all the rest of their stuff, which is all incredibly well written Pop Music. This era had some really timeless stuff coming out during it, and when you start to apply that style to modern songs that fact becomes even more evident.