WARMER MIXTAPES #1573 | by Chase Burnett [Chasse] of Uncles

1. The Mountain Goats | The Mess Inside
The line where he says "I loved you so much I thought my heart was gonna pop" makes my whole body tense up every time. There is nothing that can make me feel the way this song does.

2. Girls | Hellhole Ratrace
I was 17 or 18 and just happened to be inside the Granada Theatre in Dallas when Girls was in town. This was the first song I heard by them and I sat in the theatre alone, frozen by their performance.

3. Wilco | One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)
One of those songs that seems to never end but you're totally fine with it.

4. Gillian Welch | I Dream A Highway
This song puts me in a trance the second I push play. Her voice and the lagging Acoustic guitars make you feel as if you are being gently tossed in some warm ocean.

5. Jason Anderson | This Will Never Be Our Town
I opened up for this guy at a venue in Dallas called 2 Bronze Doors. He had the whole room singing the chorus to this song. THIS WILL NEVER BE OUR TOWN. I think that was the night I really decided I was moving to Los Angeles.

6. Lyle Lovett | Nobody Knows Me
One of those guys that makes me glad I'm from Texas. I just love this song.

7. St. Lenox | Bitter Pill
He describes the feelings you have about an ex or an old friend. His simple production and lyrics helped me through some hard times.

8. Sibylle Baier | Tonight
I first heard this song the morning after a one night stand. She woke up before me and put on this record. I laid there in silence as this song totally took me over. It was a perfect moment.

9. David Bazan | Curse Your Branches
One of the closest representations of how I felt when I went through a similar time in my life. Again, this song helped me get though some hard times.

10. Boxknives | Fall
I play this song every year during The Fall. It reminds of happy times in Texas. These are two friends from my home town and it's one of my favorite songs ever.