WARMER MIXTAPES #1574 | by Craig Dyer of The Underground Youth

1. Bob Dylan | Shelter From The Storm
I don’t think it's excessive to say that discovering Bob Dylan’s Music when I did changed my life, it really had an important impact on me. And this track from what I consider to be his best record (Blood On The Tracks) is one of my unchanging top 5 songs of all time. The lyric Beauty walks a razor’s edge, some day I’ll make it mine gets me every time.

2. Rowland S. Howard | Breakdown (And Then…)
Crown prince of the crying jag… One of my favourite songwriters, guitarists, artists, I can’t really say any more than that.

3. The Velvet Underground | Ride Into The Sun
I bought Another View for 2 or 3 pounds from a market in London when I first got into The Velvet Underground and listened to this instrumental version over and over again. I still get the record out every now and then just to listen to this one track.

4. The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Wisdom
Quite simply the band that made me want to start a band. If memory serves, this was the first BJM track I heard and from there I was turned on to so much great Music.

5. Swans | I Crawled (Swans Are Dead Version)
I was in Reykjavík and a friend of a friend had just given me some new Music to listen to, among the tracks was this version from the Swans Are Dead live album. The next morning I put on my headphones and set off on the 10 minute walk to a local café, at 10 minutes long the track lasted from door to door and in that short journey my mind was blown.

6. The Cure | Plainsong
Bruce Springsteen said that the intro to Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone was like somebody'd kicked open the door to your mind. I felt this way the first time I listened to Disintegration and the introduction to this song exploded out of the speakers.

7. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | Far From Me
It’s hard to pick one song from Nick Cave’s catalogue, but I decided to go with an emotional one. This song brings back a lot of memories.

8. Joy Division | Disorder
Unknown Pleasures is such an important record and the opening track has always been one of my favourite Joy Division songs.

9. Ramones | Judy Is A Punk
I was a teenager flicking through the channels on TV and I landed on some documentary that was playing live footage of a Ramones show at CBGB. I loved everything about it, the style, the Music, the raw Power and Simplicity. That was one of the reasons I picked up a guitar.

10. David Bowie | Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
There’s no shortage of Bowie tracks I could have picked for this list, but this was one of the first songs I fell in Love with when I took my parents' Singles Collection CD. It remains one of my favourites on the ...Ziggy Stardust... album, the perfect last track.