WARMER MIXTAPES #1588 | by Jesse Jerome Jenkins V [Jesse]/(Grace And The Grackles, Silver Pines, Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Pure Ecstasy) of Pure X

1. Rex Allen | Crying In The Chapel (Darrell Glenn Cover)
There are so many great versions of this classic song, but this is probably my favourite. I really love Elvis' version and Aaron Neville's version, but Rex Allen's cold baritone really hits me. His added verse is amazing - every sinner looks for something that will put his heart at ease. I'm not religious at all and certainly not Christian, but this song is just plain Truth. For me it's about Surrender and Trust in whatever it is that we're all connected to.

2. Blue Gas | Shadows From Nowhere
This is a studio masterpiece. I guess it came toward the end of the Italo-Disco era, but for me it stands completely on its own. Immaculate song with an impeccable hook.

3. Marshall, Hain | Take My Number
A great song about finding Love for a night with no expectations. It captures the magic of vibing with a special someone on a summer night and taking it just for what it is. If you want it, you can take my number in the morning. Such a nice and real take on a fleeting feeling that too many people try and hold onto. Kit Hain's vocal on this track captures the sentiment perfectly. Relaxed and non-chalant, but also very aware and excited.

4. Gary Stewart | Silver Cloud (Demo) (From The Appalshop Archive's Early Headwaters Television Collection, 1980-1984)
Gary Stewart is my favourite singer and songwriter of all time. I keep a picture of him here in my studio to remind myself why I'm here. This is a guy who lived and died for Music and Love. He's a masterful songwriter and the best Country singer ever, which I'm aware is a very bold statement. I could name almost any of his songs here, but Silver Cloud is a demo that I've only ever seen on YouTube. This song is especially poignant knowing that he committed suicide after his wife of 30 years died of cancer.

5. Jill Cislaghi | Jesse
Obviously this song speaks to me because its called Jesse and it's speaking from a point of view of someone who is worried about their friend. A very genuine plea and warning from a friend to not let Love drive you insane. I love the collegiate, New England feel it has. Perfectly honest.

6. Sweet Magnolia Band | 10 Days Over 23 Years
This song is everything good about America. This is an old song, but this is still a real American people's song to me. It sounds like a genuine version of Lynyrd Skynrd or something. I love Private Press Americana.

7. Arp├Ęge | Je Reviendrai Un Jour
I've been really into French Folk Music lately - all thanks to the YouTube user Lyrkoss. This is a beautiful example.

8. Tracy Cole | My Special Love Song
Here's a song I've tried to write a thousand times and never came close to this. A simple tribute to Friendship. A song straight from The Heart with no translation.

9. Tony Troutman | I Truly Love You
I'm not sure if Tony Troutman is related to Roger Troutman - probably. This is one of the best concepts for a Soul song ever. He's pleading his case in the most romantic and real way ever. Just like... Hey I truly love you, I'm a dog, I know I fucked up, but I'm here now and this is me. I was grown up in age, baby... But I wasn't grown up in mind. I've been there many times.

10. Warfield Spillers | Daddy's Little Girl
I love how he runs the words together on the hook on this song Daddy's Little Girl. Such a wild song about missing his daughter and not being there to see her grow up.