WARMER MIXTAPES #1589 | by Ramona Gonzalez [Nite Jewel] of Nite Jewelia and Nite-Funk

1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | The People I'm Not
Ariel remains my forever inspiration. This song, relating most to me lyrically, but then opening up into the kind of song-craft that no one contemporary of him could ever achieve...

2. J Dilla | Two Can Win
Dilla turned classic songs into new classics that I hear in my head more often than the original. Unparalleled Production Genius. Made me realize you only need an element or two to make a feeling.

3. The Click | Hurricane
Bay Rap I grew up listening to. The Funk remakes, the sick bass playing, E-40's flows. Hurricane is a beverage, by the way.

4. Julie Ruin | Stay Monkey
An early inspiration for making hits in a bedroom.

5. My Bloody Valentine | To Here Knows When
In College I couldn't stop listening to this if I tried. I would spend hours trying to unearth her vocals.

6. Tim Hecker | I'm Transmitting Tonight
Because when you're lonely this is the only Music you want to hear.

7. Janet Jackson | Any Time, Any Place
The song that made me become aware of Sexuality. And Janet's voice is the best R&B has yet to offer.

8. The Velvet Underground & Nico | I'll Be Your Mirror
Lou Reed, my lyrical hero. Turning Irony into Sincerity and back again.

9. Miles Davis | Maiysha
My favorite Jazz song.

10. Woo | Wallpaper
The song that has saved me numerous times on various trips. If you listen in closely you can hear The Quietude and Bliss in which it was recorded.