WARMER MIXTAPES #1590 | by Ryan Pivovar [Pivovar]/(Jovian Path)

1. EGYPTRIXX | We Can Be Concrete
I lived in New York City for about four years, and I think EGYPTRIXX's Transfer Of Energy [Feelings Of Power] was my favorite album while I lived there. Club Music was very new to me at the time, and this album felt like it was 25 years ahead of all of that. We Can Be Concrete is from the latest album, Pure, Beyond Reproach, which feels even further in Time to me. In my own life, I experience a fear of Normalcy, and a fear of having all of my creative energy sapped from me, and I experience a simultaneous determination to escape that. I don't know how exactly, but EGYPTRIXX's Music mirrors those feelings for me. I hate to be cliché, but it's definitely a mental escape. It feels like it exists outside of this life.

2. Erik Luebs | Dust
Dust is from Erik's new EP Wasteland, which is pretty stellar. Love the odd beat on here. I have a soft spot for unusual rhythmic patterns like this. The track gets really amazing when the chord pads come in. Erik lives in Osaka, which is a really amazing city. David (Jacob 2-2), Erik and I hung out in a park in the city late at night, smoked cigarettes and drank. I smoked all the cigarettes in Japan. I don't even smoke cigarettes in real life. There were a lot of favorite moments I have from visiting Japan, and that was definitely one of them. I really enjoyed hanging out in that park. Osaka had a Silent Hill vibe to me really late at night. It was eerily quiet for such a large city.

3. Euglossine | Prairie
My friend Joel aka Golden Donna introduced me to Euglossine's Music about a month ago. I went on Bandcamp and randomly checked this track out, and I was promptly floored. I wouldn't know where to begin trying to make something like this. I love all the harmonic changes; it's incredibly progressive without seemingly trying at all. Effortless. Harmony in Electronic Music is typically a bland affair, but this Music is at the exact opposite end of the spectrum. Euglossine's Music is like a single peach in a barrel of apples.

4. Jacob 2-2 | The Richardson
This track is incredibly sentimental to me. The Richardson is a bar in Brooklyn where David aka Jacob 2-2 and I would hang out most frequently. I think Thump premiered this track, and I just thought it was so cool that my friend was on Thump, and that a bar we would hang out at was what the track was about. I still think it's cool. David is an incredible producer. At the time, I think this was more Uptempo than some of his other stuff, but he's made a lot of 120+ Music since then. I think I've seen David play more than anybody else. He's sitting on some mind-blowing stuff that I can't wait to come out. The first time I met him I was incredibly high and tried my best to hold the conversation. We became friends instantly. He still lives in Brooklyn and I miss him immensely. He drinks vodka soda with bitters.

5. Jesse Osborne-Lanthier | That Captagon Sting
This is from the album As The Low Hanging Fruit Vulnerabilities Are More Likely To Have Already Turned Up. Listening to this album has really messed me up. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with Music now. Anything I try to make seems trite and trend-peddling in comparison. Really, any track on this album wrecks me. That Captagon Sting is particularly amazing, though. It hurts my feelings how good this album is. I don't know what I'm doing with my life. Please stop this train ride and let me off.

6. JPEGSTRIPES | Rainforest
Rainforest comes from the record CPU Jams, Volume 3. This is the kind of record where, after listening to it, I have questions. Rainforest is delightfully weird, and I love it for that. Jordan aka JPEGSTRIPES is one of my best friends. He and I moved from Texas to NYC together about four years ago. I don't live there anymore, but I miss him and everybody else tremendously. Jordan also produces as 식료품groceries. Any description I can offer on that project will not do it justice - but it's a Vaporwave project about grocery shopping. The last time I hung out with Jordan in Brooklyn, we witnessed someone casually pee their pants in an apartment complex hallway. It was something.

7. Kian T | In My Eyes
Kian T is a producer from Italy. I've played In My Eyes during sets a few times, and pretty much every time someone asks me what it is. I have almost no skill as a DJ beyond curation, but this is definitely a secret weapon. In My Eyes is stylistically immediate and familiar to most people who listen to House and Techno, but it's like some sort of inside-out version that is so beautiful and new. The kick and bass sounds are top shelf. The bouncy, Acidic ostinato. The vocal samples. The chord stabs. Nothing is out of place and everything is perfect in this track.

8. Laurel Halo | Nebenwirkungen
Nebenwirkungen is from the album In Situ. The first three tracks on this album are all 10/10 for me. I remember listening to this track with Jordan (JPEGSTRIPES), and I remembering him saying, this is the kind of Music I want to make. I feel the same way. Laurel Halo has a lot of Music that feels like you're peeling the outer layer of your brain off. She has another track called Wow that is unlike anything I've ever heard. It's like hearing a language you've never heard before, and trying so hard to understand how it is the way that it is. In Situ is a monumental album for me. I'm sad I've never seen her perform live, and I hope to change that one day.

9. Magnetic Hill | Sacred Song Of The Wind
Magnetic Hill is a producer who lives in New Orleans and has been putting out some amazing under-the-radar tunes on his Soundcloud. This track blows me away every time I hear it. Nothing seems to repeat, and it kind of meanders around. He has a really interesting way with melodies that I haven't quite figured out yet. Martin aka Magnetic Hill is a good friend of mine, and we met through The Internet at some point, eventually running into each other at an amazing venue in Queens called Trans-Pecos. Again, he's another friend that is sitting on some truly amazing Music. If I had the ability to get everybody in The World to check out just one artist, it would be Magnetic Hill.

10. tsaik | Tehraj (SUGARQUOTE Remix)
SUGARQUOTE's remix is so good it makes me upset. The original is also amazing. The tsaik guys live in Chicago, and I met them and SUGARQUOTE for the first time at an Onamazu show in Brooklyn about a month ago. All nice, and I hope to see them again soon. Nic aka SUGARQUOTE is also an incredibly talented 3D artist. Peter (who runs the label King Deluxe) had asked him to do a Pivovar Music Video, but sadly Nic said no - I think because my stuff is just not cool enough. He says he was too busy, but this is the real reason. He's also sitting on some amazing Music that I hope is out soon.