WARMER MIXTAPES #502 | by Mihaela Cernea of Class

1. Modjo | Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
Because it is a song that wakes up in me very precious memories of a great holiday in Greece with my best girl friends. Everywhere we went we were hearing this song only! I remember we once danced in the rain while playing it! So... It really gives me a special mood everytime I hear it.

2. Faithless | Insomnia
I think it is a song that brought a revolution in Electronic Music at that time. For me they were the first to successfully introduce the commercial sound in that genre.

3. The Prodigy | No Good (Start The Dance)
On this song we partied so hard we broke the Dance floor... Especially the one in Studio Martin, exactly when the House Music wave came... Prodigy were some kind of mentors to me and my band. We consider them the Fathers of Dance Music.

4. Armin Van Buuren | Unforgivable (feat. Jaren)
First time I heard this song was live on Arenele Romane Venue (The Roman Arenas). Then the rain started... And the singer's voice felt so hypnotizing... No one wanted to leave. We all stood there in the rain, fascinated... And then when they officially released the single I've been listening to it on repeat obsessively.

5. Rihanna | We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)
I'm not so much into Rihanna but this track has an extraordinary atmosphere! I want to dance to it! Perfect for the Club!

6. Fatboy Slim | The Rockafeller Skank
Or Right Here, Right Now... Or Ya Mama... The Fatboy Slim chapter can't be skipped on this mixtape! As an artist I've learned so much from him. To me this is the coolest sound ever!

7. Sade | No Ordinary Love
Her music is the most sensual on the planet. Music to make babies to.

8. Seal | Love's Divine
He's a musical genius. When I say Good Music... I think about Seal. I saw him live too and I can't describe how delighted I left that concert... Embodied perfection!

9. Camille Jones vs. Fedde Le Grand | The Creeps
Because they started a new trend in sound that is still going strong... It's pretty hard to invent something new in Music these days, but they did it!

10. George Michael | One More Try
First song I fell in love with... From there began my passion for Music when I was a kid. I can't conclude my list without mentioning it.