WARMER MIXTAPES #863 | by Dominique Tipper [Miss Tipper]

1. The Jacksons | Heartbreak Hotel
MJ is a HUGE influence for me. I could quite easily pick 10 MJ songs that I love, but thought I'd go a bit earlier and pick a Jacksons song! The whole of the Triumph album is pretty much a masterpiece in my eyes and I LOVE MJ's vocal on this track.

2. Paramore | For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic
I'm a huge Paramore fan, but I do think they were at their best when the Farro brothers were around. That aside, Hayley Williams is huge inspiration and an absolute powerhouse. This is one of my favourite songs from the Riot! Album, always gets me hyped!

3. John Mayer | I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
Continuum is another masterpiece in my eyes, so it was hard to choose a song from this album, but this was one of my favourite songs to hear him play live, so that's why I've chosen it.

4. Gotye | Hearts A Mess
I had never heard of this track until the Great Gatsby soundtrack came along, and, boy, am I glad it did. This is such a beautiful work of Art! Absolutely in love with this track!

5. Kings Of Leon | Pyro
I love this KOL track, it's one of their more tender ones and I think it's such a beautifully Melancholy song. The vocal is also a bit dreamy, a bit like the lead singer...

6. Britney Spears | I'm A Slave For U
This was one of the first Neptunes-produced Pop songs I heard during that era, and I think it's possibly my favourite Britney song. A slick, sexy tune and let's not forget the video and AWESOME VMA performance she did to it! LOVE!

7. Justin Timberlake | Don't Hold The Wall
I could probably fill this list with 10 JT tracks, but I've decided to pick something more recent. This song makes me wanna dance so hard, and I love Timbo's Production.

8. Katy Perry | Teenage Dream
I love Pop Music and I think this is a perfect Pop song. Makes me feel all gooey inside...

9. Jill Scott-Heron | Slowly Surely
I can't sing Jill's praises enough. She is one of the best artists I've ever seen live. She took me through a roller coaster of emotions and she is so beautiful to watch sing. This song is from an album that made me fall in love with Jill!

10. Frank Ocean | Pink Matter (feat. André 3000)
Where would we be without Channel Orange? I think this song in particular is so well crafted! The subject and lyrics are awesome, and I think André 3000, as with most songs he features on, gave it the Midas touch it needed!