WARMER MIXTAPES #956 | by Christo Michael Bowman of Bad Suns

1. blink-182 | All The Small Things
It was the year 2000, I was 6, and MTV was huge. We were staying with family, and as my mom caught up with them, I'd watch Music Videos on the TV. The song and Video that really captivated me was blink-182's All The Small Things. I remember watching, and waiting for the song to come on MTV, for hours on end. Good times.

2. The Cure | Close To Me
In 2004, I began learning to play Guitar. I was really into Rock 'N' Roll at the time, as any kid who picks up Guitar is going to be, and I was convinced that Keyboards and Drum Machines were the Devil. My dad showed me the song Close To Me by The Cure and I instantly loved it. Maybe Electronic Instruments could be cool, when used properly. Robert Smith's Vocals are so Evocative and Expressive. What an amazing Talent.

3. The Strokes | Juicebox
In 2006, the song Juicebox by The Strokes was played on the Radio and MTV a lot. I Loved it and delved into all of their albums. The Strokes are one of the Most Fun Bands to Fall in Love With. It never ends, and you always come back to them.

4. Gorillaz | Feel Good Inc (feat. De La Soul)
Around the same time, Feel Good Inc was a giant hit on the Radio. When you're a kid, that's how you're Discovering Music. It was an undeniable song. Gorillaz are a fantastic group and Damon Albarn is a Genius. Demon Days was the first album our Bassist, Gavin, bought on his own.

5. John Mayer | Vultures
Continuum album always hits the spot. Every time I play it, I'm amazed by the Guitar Playing, the general feel of the Music, and his Lyrics. He's Masterful, when it comes to making something incredibly Complex and Personal seem Simple and Relatable.

6. Radiohead | 15 Step
I wasn't sure what to make of In Rainbows the first time I heard it. It was unlike anything I had ever heard. After coming back to it a few times, 15 Step served as a gateway to what became one of my Favorite Albums, by who went on to become one of my Absolute Favorite Bands.

7. Vampire Weekend | Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
It was January 2008 and I was on a bus, on the way home from Winter Camp. I asked the kid next to me what he had been listening to recently. He responded with two words: Vampire Weekend. I was confused and intrigued by the band's name. I got home, searched their name Online, heard to Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, and became obsessed. This sounded like the World Music my parents played in the house, as I was growing up, tailored for my tastes. I was hooked.

8. Arcade Fire | Keep The Car Running
I was a fan of the song Keep The Car Running when it came out, but I never really looked into the Arcade Fire, beyond that, until The Suburbs came out in 2010. From there, I went back and discovered all of their albums. The first time I heard the song No Cars Go I was blown away. It was so Evocative. This was a rare feeling for me, when Discovering New Musical Territories. I saw them Live at Coachella, the following year, and it was a show I will truly never forget.

9. Tame Impala | Solitude Is Bliss
Earlier, in that same day at Coachella, my friends and I watched a band called Tame Impala play an afternoon Set. We were sitting in the grass, watching and listening, in-between our own conversations. I liked the vibe. Once I got home and heard their record (Innerspeaker), I realized that this was something big. Kevin Parker is a true Talent, and one of the Best Musicians/Songwriters in Popular Music Culture Right Now. I consider that first album to be a Masterpiece, and it will always remind me of the Summer it soundtracked.

10. Foxygen | Shuggie
They are a band who are based five miles from where I live in Southern California. I had heard the name from friends in the area, and had always considered it to be a joke band, for whatever reason. I saw a friend post about their new song Shuggie late last year, and I decided to check it out. I couldn't believe that this was Foxygen. It wasn't a joke at all, it was actually pretty damn good. Shortly thereafter, I watched them blow up. A band from Agoura was gaining all of this recognition and starting to do huge things. It was really encouraging to watch them do their thing. Their album We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace and Magic is the record I spent the most time with this year. It feels perfect every time I listen to it. Thank you!