WARMER MIXTAPES #957 | by Molly Beanland of Cub Scout

1. The Cars | Drive
This song always really stirs me up no matter how much I listen to it, it has such force behind it, big and glorious with massive Reverby Drums! It's a track that really inspires me as a Songwriter.

2. Rufus Wainwright | Poses
For me, this track is a total Masterpiece. The first of many Composed by Rufus, but this one touched me first, and you know they say the first cut is the deepest. My understanding of it has changed as I've changed and grown up in its arms.

3. Laura Marling | The Captain And The Hourglass 
This track has such quiet Intensity and Power. I Love the Lyrics, Laura is such a great Story Teller. I find it hard to listen to this song just once and tend to pop it on loop for a bit whenever it calls to me.

4. Randy Newman | Feels Like Home
When I was a kid I used to perform songs for my parents after dinner in our kitchen and this was one of my favourite tracks to sing for them, it means so much to me I cannot listen to it without tearing up. I've seen Randy in Concert with my parents numerous times and we always completely lose it when he plays this track. The passing of Time is so Bitter-Sweet, sometimes I desperately want to crawl back inside the Past.

5. New Order | Regret 
My dad introduced me to this track and it was one of my favourites growing up. I sat next to New Order at an event once and I was completely and utterly starstruck. This is the first song I think of whenever anyone mentions Desert Island song choices.

6. Blonde Redhead | Spring And By Summer Fall
I discovered this track in a really weird way, which is kind of a long story, but wherever I listen to it I can close my eyes and be back in LA, driving at Night with the windows down, the hot wind in my hair, stars in my eyes, driving to Astro Burger. It was a beautiful time of Hedonism for me.

7. Yeasayer | Madder Red
I was back in London when I fell in Love with this track, in fact the whole album Odd Blood was constantly blasting in my ears, there's a sort of Epic Sexiness to it. Yeasayer are probably my favourite band, and this track reminds me of when I first started letting go, misbehaving and running wild around East London.

8. 2Pac | California Love (feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman)
I have a real thing for 90s Rap and Hip Hop... Viiiibe! I've Loved this track since I was a little kid, never fails to get me bumpin' and grindin' like a champ.

9. Toro Y Moi | Talamak
This song reminds me of a good thing starting out. Getting into Toro Y Moi marked the opening of lots of doors for me, discoveries Musical, Sensual and of the Self.

10. Kavinsky | Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxxx)
Does this even need explaining? If this track were a wallet it'd be the one that says bad mother fucker. I cannot get enough of it. Ever. That Beat just slays me.

+11. Active Child | Johnny Belinda
This track is so Visual for me, he paints the scene so perfectly with the Music. It reminds me a little of Howard Blake's Score for The Snowman. There's something icey and darkly desperate about it. I feel a real ache listening to this track.

+12. Jeff Buckley | Lover, You Should've Come Over
This track has meant many different things to me, it's like an old friend. A Masterful Piece of Songwriting and an Earnest, Impassioned Performance If Ever There Was One. Probably a Popular choice, but that doesn't matter. I feel like I could die listening to this song and not even notice myself slipping away.