WARMER MIXTAPES #958 | by Paweł Klimczak [Naphta] of Pvre Gold

1. Kingdom | Fogs
It was really game-changing. Hearing those eery but catchy Synths, Beyoncé Chopped Up Vocals and the pounding Drums - it was Melodic yet somehow Harsh. Fogs is as much Grime as it is Pop and that's what special about it.

2. The Flaming Lips | Race For The Prize
Everything about it is amazing. Melody under Layers of Sonic Dirt, hilarious and clever Lyrics. And that Main Theme on Strings! Oh, man, when I first heard it I was just amazed. I think at that point I knew that Music that I like must be Melodic, but also Dirty and not obvious.

3. The Smiths | This Charming Man
The Smiths are the Best Band Ever, period. This Charming Man might be an obvious choice, but I Love the Catchiness and Simplicity of it. I think I never got to Morrissey's Solo stuff much, because it lacks the Easiness and Light Attitude that The Smiths had.

4. The Beach Boys | Heroes And Villains
In terms of Arrangement and how different parts of the song can relate to each other, Beach Boys were my guiders. I Love rich Arrangements and weird Twists and Turns throughout the Composition and Heroes And Villains has it all. I prefer the Smiley Smile version over new one, although I really admire Brian Wilson for doing Smile so many years after it should've been released. Amazing story and amazing record.

5. The Avalanches | Since I Left You
Whole record is one of my All-Time favourites, but the Title Tune just stole my heart. Amazing Arrangement, great Sampling and the lighthearted mood makes it perfect single. Too bad that they haven't release another LP, but I guess it's very hard to follow something so perfect like Since I Left You.

6. Madvillain | All Caps
I don't know what's better - brilliant Beat from Madlib or merciless Verses from DOOM. If I'd have to choose only one Hip-Hop record that will survive Apocalipse, effort of these two dudes would be my choice.

7. Sun Ra | Nuclear War
I'm not a Jazz-head, but I like weird shit like Coltrane circa Ascenscion or Sun Ra's Space Journeys. I Love Sun Ra for mixing really extreme Structures and Notes with Groove'y Elements and Moments of Clarity. Plus, you gotta Love those outfits.

8. 808 State | Pacific State
Everything I Love about Dance Music is in this tune. Groove, Melodies, interesting Arrangement, Progression. In addition, it's a perfect Soundtrack for intensive Bike Riding in the Sunset. Oh, and I will always connect this tune with Driving School in San Fierro in GTA: San Andreas.

9. Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky | Pictures At An Exhibition: Promenade (Performed by Gerhard Eckle)
I don't find Classical Music all that captivating, but I really Love those small, charming pieces from Pictures At An Exhibition. I really admire the way it circles around Culture - from Borodin's exquisite Orchestration, through Emerson, Lake And Palmer to Method Man. Good stuff.

10. Gang Starr | Above The Clouds (feat. Inspectah Deck)
Definitely my favourite Classic Hip-Hop tune and one of those Original Premier Beats (unfortunately he has tendency to copy himself Ad Infinitum). And there is Guru, everlasting respect for that dude's Flow and Lyrics.

+11. Slim Thug | 3 Kings 
Oh man, where to start? Amazing Chorus? Bun B killing everyone with his Verse? Epic Beat? For sure one of my favourite Southern Hip-Hop tunes of All Times.