WARMER MIXTAPES #959 | by Matt Dell [Lost Castles/POEJA/onlylost] of The Red Carnival and Dusk Days

1. Shlohmo | It Was Whatever
I remember disliking this song the first time I heard it. I didn't really understand the Music Shlohmo created in his album Bad Vibes. I think this song is a representation of my Maturity as a Musician and an Individual. As I grew up, I began to admire this song, along with Shlohmo's other works. The Music offered me a New Perspective on How To Understand the Process; I'm positive most of us agree that the Process of Forming A Song is How We Express Ourselves. To Understand and Accept These Different Expressions is Essential to Happiness.

2. Baths | Rain Smell
I connected with this song mostly when I was having trouble finding who I was in the beginning years of High School. Sometimes people expect everyone to know exactly who they are and I think that is a convoluted perception. Being 18, I'm certain no one is sure of his/her own identity; I've changed my personality many times to mimic what I believed was best for me. I found I feel comfortable making Music and associating with people who like Music and Psychology! Anyways Baths is one of my favorite Artists and his Music had a profound impact on me.

3. Ruddyp | Wanderers
This was actually one of the first songs I found that lead me into the Contemporary Electronic/Beat/Whatever Scene. Ruddyp is an amazing Producer; he actually helped me with rewire once when I started using Ableton! He's a really genuine person and an excellent Producer.

4. YYU | Often
YYU really embodied the somber Atmosphere that is my bedroom. The paisley curtain, off-setting the hue of the room, adjacent to a ramshackle Studio I put together when I first started. My Studio has changed a lot now; YYU is a great Artist that really makes me reflect on just Life and what has yet to come.

5. Kid Smpl | Over
Over really characterizes the first memorable time I spent with my great friend, Dan. He invited me over to his house to smoke a Hookah, and we go inside this Rustic Trailer that is clad in Christmas lights, making the trailer appear Dejected from Reality. Immediately as I stepped in, it just reminded me of Over. I guess this song is representative of one of my best friendships. Dan is an awesome person and I hope we're friends for a long time!

6. Race Of Robots | Gettin' High
I met Race Of Robots when I was playing my first show and that is how I found their Music. This song mesmerized me; I really envied Zach and Coby (Race Of Robots) for their Sample-Based Production; for a while I really wanted to emulate their style! Regardless, Race Of Robots really helped expose me to more of the Beat Music I listen to now.

7. Gold Panda | You
As cliché as it sounds, this song was my Anthem for all of my sophomore year of High School. I had recently found out about this song, Washed Out, Ruddyp, and other Artists that year. I consider this song my first experience with Beat Music.

8. Saint Michel | Katherine (Dream Koala Remix)
I found this song when I went out to the West Coast this Summer. Dream Koala has always been a favorite of mine, but this specific song really embodies the Landscapes I saw when on the Plane Ride, in the car Driving down the Coast, and in the City. This song really portrays more Desire to Move On from the Suburbs and Go Over to the West. When I got to the other Coast I fell in Love instantly. I got to play an open mic in a town outside of Portland where you could see an array of Mountains delineating the Sky from Grass. The Northwest is a really beautiful place and I encourage everyone to get out there at least once!

9. Amerie | Why Don't We Fall In Love (Kaytranada Edition)
Kaytranada is just a superb Producer. He was the first Artist that I discovered that had this Retrograde Funk Quality which both me and my dad like. This song instills such a tight Groove in my soul. I don't listen to much Dance Music, per se, however Kaytranada just reminds of my dad playing Vintage Disco records downstairs. He's really passionate about Jazz, Soul, all kinds of Music really. I think that's where I get some of my Music preference from.

10. Hollow Pigeons | You(th)
When I really was into Void Youth, the label that consisted of Ruddyp and Taquwami, I found Hollow Pigeons. I think Hollow Pigeons has been disbanded, but this song really appeals to my Love of Various Music. In my opinion, this song synthesizes a lot of Elements found across the Electronic Spectrum. While I mainly like Electronica now, I was into Metal and Indie and was even in an Experimental band.