1. Brian Eno | Weightless
This song will constantly be a source of Inspiration. When I heard it for my first time, I was inspired to write a play about astronauts in Space rising above the difficulties of Technology. Since I heard this track I've noticed it in the background of a lot of films and TV programs. It gives me goosebumps to think that others heard this track and also imagined Space and putting things on TV.

2. Omar Souleyman | Li Raja Behawakom (I Beg You, Baby)
This will always remind me of driving to and from NYC. I got Jazeera Nights at this record store in Brooklyn called Earwax Records. The same day I got it was the same day that we US citizens started getting news reports about chemical attacks in Syria. The album stayed in my CD player for months and I would routinely blast it at full volume no matter who felt uncomfortable with it. The only time I felt scared listening to Omar was when I was stoned and got lost driving around in the Navy Yard only a few weeks after the shooting occurred.

3. Janelle Monáe | PrimeTime (feat. Miguel)
This is a song that really brings tears to my eyes. It was a song that my former lover would listen to on Spotify while she was at work (home on her computer) and I would hear it through her headphones. Then we went through a horrible break up, worst break up of all time. Just when I thought everything was over between us, we accidentally ran into each other and started getting emotional all over again. The next day I was at work and this song came on the radio and I couldn't help but cry and think maybe the stars really are on our side. I tried to blame it on the spicy food, but the tears were real and the Love was prime.

4. The Magic Numbers | Love's A Game
I got to see The Magic Numbers in Allentown, Pennsylvania when I went to see The Flaming Lips, Ween, and Sonic Youth when I was 16 in 2006. The Magic Numbers played first and were amazing. I had been using MySpace a lot in those days and found a friend who liked both The Magic Numbers and The Flaming Lips. We exchanged many mix CDs throughout the years and I think they sent me this song on one of them and so now I will always think of my Internet friend who I fell in and out of Love with. This friend brought a lot of Magic into my life which I am very thankful for.

5. Devendra Banhart | Rosa
One of the very first times I tripped on Acid in College, I listened to Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon while watching 2001: A Space Odyssey on a DVD which somehow decided to glitch out only while we were tripping and never again. This is the only song which has actually turned into a physical form, it had shape and volume, it was lush, it was growing and crawling up the wall. This song took on a life of it's own and entered my ears in a whole new way and got me thinking about the possibilities of Advanced Audio FX Mastering and Engineering, etc.

6. Super Furry Animals | Juxtapozed With U
This was the most played song on my iTunes for a few years when I was in High School. I found this song not long after I learned what the word Juxtaposed meant. This will always remind me of browsing through old yearbooks seeing who you're picture is next to. Finally got to see them perform this song live at the 9:30 club in DC a few years ago and I was most enthused.

7. Linda Perhacs | Sandy Toes
Finding out about her Music through Uncut magazine was the best thing to happen to me since it paved the way for future experiences which I will never forget. I got my good friend, future lover, to babysit me while I took DMT and I played her album Parallelograms. Sandy Toes transported me to a beautifully flowing fractal garden of my own mind and encoded memories which completely unraveled in a parade of colors morphing into flying serpent creatures which manifested as an old friend to give me closure on a confused and troubled long-distance Internet relationship. The words synched up with the Universe and everything made perfect sense for what seemed like five minutes of Eternity.

8. Juanes | Fotografía (feat. Nelly Furtado)
I learned this song for a friend that I sang in choir with in High School and it really stuck with me. It always makes me feel happy and at home. Our lives are very connected to the photographic dimension. Since then I've sang this song at Karaoke many times, typically the only person in a night to sing a song in a language other than English.

9. Caetano Veloso | Medley: Nega Maluca/Billie Jean/Eleanor Rigby (Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' Cover)
When I would play this song people would ask if it was me singing and I would be usually very flattered and amused that my friends would mistake Caetano Veloso for me. Next thing I know, I'm in College singing in an A Capella group and we have to sing a Michael Jackson medley. Somehow I wormed my way into getting to sing the Billie Jean part. We performed our songs for an international festival in Monroe Park near the campus of VCU. A few days prior, I was able to get tickets to see Caetano Veloso play in DC later that same day! Thinking I would be late, since I was driving from Richmond to DC, somehow I arrived early. To my surprise, Caetano played Billie Jean and I had to stick around after the show so I actually got to meet him and talk about Music and Philosophy.

10. Tim Hecker | Chimeras 
This song will always remind me of the time I took DMT and actually came face-to-face with Chimera like creatures in another dimension. I was listening to Harmony In Ultraviolet with some friends and the CD started to skip while I was tripping and I thought the Universe was going to end.