WARMER MIXTAPES #16 | by Kalle Jönson [Kalle J/Fiat 500] of Karl X Johan

1. Weezer | Tired Of Sex
The track (the whole album really) who thought me that beautiful music can come from a dirty, angry place. Rivers is so frustrated and angry but all he really knows is to make teeny-boppy pop melodies with fantastic hooks. I think this song inspired me more than I knew.

2. Franke | Ställs Mot Dig
So important. A clenched fist in your chest, beating to the rythm of chaos and possibilities.

3. Dizzee Rascal | Stand Up Tall
Key-ing cars, getting yelled at, too many girlfriends, frustration, recording music in your bedroom, get money, make a beat and a rap from outerspace. You'd never heard anything like this before.

4. Hall & Oates | You Make My Dreams Come True
It's like hands on your shoulders, gripping you hard telling you Hey, you gotta tell that girl in the corner you want her! and then you fix you hair and adjusts your sportsjacket, take some cool step towards her, you grab a mic and starts to sing this song. It gets me every time.

5. Thin Lizzy | Do Anything You Wanna Do
This song says so much. It's so happy. You're invited. At the end Phil says Elvis is dead, king of rock'n'roll is dead. That's awesome.

6. Tom Petty | The Waiting
Once I saw a 3 hour documentary about Tom Petty. After that, I hate Tom Petty. I hate his smile, I hate his guitars, his stupid hat etc. But I love this song....And American Girl.

7. Ratata | Ett Tåg Någonstans
Well, my favourite band. Could've taken any song from this band, but this one is very special and dear to me. The mellow verse and the bombastic chorus. It's about going away on a train, away from everything. Says all about life.

8. Elvis Costello | I Want You
The mood & tone of this song describes a level and situation in love I felt many times. It's a lump in the chest. Genious.

9. Juelz Santana feat. Cam'ron | Dipset (Santana's Town)
One of the best rap-songs. A raw, unpolished, angry track wich raises my blood every time. THE WHOLE BIRDGANG IS HERE, LIKE KURT COBAIN WAS HERE YEAH YEAH YEAH

10. Alkaline Trio | All On Black
This piece of music has never left my mind from the first time I heard it. They played on the Letterman Show sometime in 2003. I can't really write anything about it. It inspired me in so, so many ways. One of the best songs I've heard.