WARMER MIXTAPES #17 | by Tomas Halberstad of Hjärta

1. Björk | Jóga
The strings, beats and harmonies frustrate me because I know this is as close as I'll ever come to hearing the beauty, the imagined sounds and landscapes, I hear and see in my head.

2. Regina Lund | Unique
The guitar-playing in this song, and the composition of this song, change my approach to just that in so many ways. It’s Johan Norberg who is the real star here.

3. Autechre | Eutow
The best car riding/driving song ever! Sounds like a formula one race should. Loving the glances back at the early 80's Kraftwerk-influenced hip-hop.

4. Prodigy | Everybody Is In The Place (Fairground Remix)
When this song came out I had a weekend-job as a DJ, a bit odd since I was only about 11 years old. I played this song several times every set. It really did my head in.

5. Al B. Sure | Nite And Day
The memory of this song, and how it sounded, has snuck into my own songwriting on a daily basis. The ultimate 80's soul experience.

6. Burial | Etched Headplate
Reminds me of London. Reminds me of '97. I get misty eyed, happy and taken away all at the same time while listening to it.

7. bob hund | Alseende Ögat
The perfect instrumental pop/rock-track, best you'll ever hear. The track that got me hooked on bob hund 4 life! Thanks my friends dad for buying this album on the cover alone!

8. Kaah | Jag Skiter I Allt
First time I heard this song I was blown away. So fresh yet still so Africa Bambaataa, Zulu Nation. Love the sounds!

9. Grandaddy | He's Simple, He's Dumb. He's The Pilot
Heard this song for the first time while taking a bath. I thought of never getting up. I did not have to do music any more. Someone had already beaten me to the visions I had.

10. Claude Debussy | Clair De Lune
The middle part of this song with its major-seven chords flowing all over the place gets me every time. An over used piece of music that never will get old.