WARMER MIXTAPES #18 | by Misha Harminov of Sunshower Orphans

1. Suicide | Ghost Rider
What basement punk sounds like after World War III. Or decades ago, in a country built to beat out of you all that is young. A sneer mangled by reverb over a brutal bass loop. The machine turned against itself, if only for a moment.

2. The Monochrome Set | R.S.V.P.
What better way to irritate the bourgeoisie than pointlessly connecting a series of commonly borrowed French phrases? Tiny rebellion grooves with a walking bassline and mocks its own pretenses. Also see Adeste Fideles, for the best (only?) irreverent use of Latin in rock music.

3. My Bloody Valentine | What You Want
Glide guitar shooting you through a tunnel with your own memories projected on the walls. A mix so trebly Marshall stack chords crash and crackle like raindrops. You're speeding much too quickly to make anything out, but it's warm and safer than what's outside.

4. The Cure | To The Sky
Standing on a precipice in the calm after the storm that is Disintegration. Free for the first time in a long time, but uncertain whether it’s going to last.

5. Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark | The Messerschmitt Twins
If you could play synths in the middle of the Amazon rainforest this would be the result.

6. Panda Bear | Good Girl/Carrots
In an alternate universe this is played at block parties across the nation. No. It's the national anthem, and people have to stand for all thirteen minutes of it at ballgames. The second and third sections are more danceable than anything Justice will ever do. Getcha head out from those mags...

7. XTC | Season Cycle
Pushing life up from a cold dead ground. That's what I do every morning when I wake up.

8. Life Without Buildings | The Leanover
She sings like the city yells at you. Pleading, but gently, and with a hint of compassion.

9. Real Estate | Suburban Beverage
Lazy hazy indecision. Guitar melodies weave left and right and everywhere in between. Sitting at home. I've been sitting here too long. Are you a slacker, or do you just refuse to choose between bad and worse?

10. Lou Reed | Coney Island Baby
Backing vocals wash up on the shore like waves and spin around like carousels and Ferris wheels. For the seemingly endless subway ride home.