WARMER MIXTAPES #79 | by Jesse Cohen of Restless People, Professor Murder and Tanlines

1. Brenda Fassie | Vull-Ndlela
Super inspirational. One of my favorite things that I know the least about. Also, one of my favorite YouTube clips ever.

2. Joe Jackson | Steppin' Out
I once watched the video for 10 times in a row on youtube. If I could sing, this would be my Karaoke song.

3. The Style Council | Shout To The Top
I found this song and video shocking the first time that I heard/saw it.

4. Susan Cadogan | Nice And Easy
A serious melter. I really enjoy listening to women singing reggae music.

5. Joe Crepúsculo | Baraja De Cuchillos
I like to sing along to that organ melody while walking around New York and then just mumble things that sound like the lyrics until he gets to the lalalala's, which I nail.

6. The Tough Alliance | Silly Crimes
The first thing I heard from one of my favorite groups of the decade. In the imaginary genre that we call Crossover (or Blendwave), this is a really good early example.

7. Justus Köhncke | So Wiet Wie Noch Nie
One of my favorite tracks ever. I think it would be great to hear at a wedding.

8. Originoo Gunn Clappaz | No Fear
In high school, a friend of mine put this on a mixtape and I still listen to it and think about it all the time.

9. Virus | Pecado Para Dos
Discovered this amazing band while alone at a house party in a suburb of Buenos Aires drinking Fernet with a bunch of strangers.

10. Smatters | Get Off The Chain
Our friend Craig made an amazing record that I really hope people will hear some day.