WARMER MIXTAPES #80 | by Johan Vati Graden (Graden/Agnas/Fernqvist/Adam & Alma), Bård Ericson [boerd] and Elias Smeds of Stay Ali

SIDE A | by Johan Vati Graden

1. Thelonious Monk | Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
Uplifting and cheerful. Makes me want to dance on the sunny side of the street. Sunday morning, no school tomorrow. Let's fly by the Five Spot tonight and catch Monk and friends, shall we?

2. Daniel Rossen | Deep Blue Sea
One of those songs that grabs you in its simplicity and pulls you all the way to euforia. Touched by it everytime. It will always find its way into my system, and I will always be open for it, and embrace it. Sometimes, nothing seems to beat the plainness of one man with his guitar...And I love him for it.

3. Lennie Tristano | Line Up
Lennie plays a genius solo over the chord progression from the old standard All Of Me. Blows my mind.

4. Camille Saint-Saëns | Symphony No. 3
The Organ Symphony...One of the first classical pieces of music that really captivated me. The first time I heard it was a sunny summer day many years ago. I was listening to it through headphones while mowing the lawn in my backyard. But it didn't take long before I had to stop. I wasn't capable of doing anything else, but to listen. I had to listen. To glisten.

5. Grizzly Bear | I Live With You
Everytime I go back to listen to one of Grizzly Bear's songs, I discover something new. I Live With You, from Veckatimest has grown into something divine, in my head. No more words.

6. Thom Yorke | The Hollow Earth

His new single takes me somewhere else before.

7. Wayne Shorter | Juju

Brutal and exotic. Running around the djungle, dark and humid, mysterious and uncanny. I love it.

8. Paul Simon | You Can Call Me Al

Used to listen to this 80's hit in our old Volvo while driving around town in the middle of the night looking for a place to stay. Nostalgia. Giros. Bankgiros: 7788234354

9. Radiohead | 2+2=5
I am such a dreamer...

10. Franz Kiefche | Poems Of A Galaxy
Truly amazing piece of art. I couldn't find a more interesting composer/artist if I tried, or even got payed to find one. F-major has never sounded as great as when played by the strings in the beginning, and I love you so much. If you haven't heard his rather unknown music, I recommend you all to check it out. It will blow your mind. It blew mine, and my mind never coming back.

SIDE B | by Bård Ericson

1. Frank Zappa | Peaches En Regalia
Simply the best song I’ve ever heard. The switches between different instruments and music styles are fantastic, and the melodies, rhythms and harmonies are extremely wonderful. Frank Zappa is one of my biggest inspirations, he’s made many amazing tunes but this is the best one, no doubt.

2. Esbjörn Svensson Trio | Tide Of Trepidation
Esbjörn Svensson (Swedish jazz pianist) is definitely one of the best musicians of our time. This song is one of his finest compositions, with amazing solos and production. Esbjörn tragically past away in a diving accident last year (2008), only 44 years old and on the top of his career.

3. Holst | The Planets, Op. 32: IV. Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jollity
I felt that I had to pick at least one piece of classical music, and I ended up with this one. It’s the 4th movement of the legendary Planets by Holst, and to me it’s one of the greatest compositions ever made. In the beginning very powerful and as we say nowadays epic, then it continues with a long and romantic part in the middle, and the ending is just massive!

4. SymbolOne | Love Juice (Danger Remix)
Danger is one of my favourite electronic composers and producers, and this remix is a great example of his amazing production skills. The whole song is one big eargasm, and the synth solo that kicks in at 2:11 is just SICK.

5. Coldplay | Sparks

It was very hard to pick only one song from Coldplay. This one is absolutely one of my favourites, perfect for thinking deep thoughts while sitting on the subway, looking out through the window. Chris Martin’s singing in this one is amazing, as usual.

6. Jan Johansson | Emigrantvisa
Another great Swedish jazz pianist, who tragically passed away in 1968 (only 37 years old). This is a track from the album Jazz På Svenska, in my opinion one of the best albums ever made. It’s a beautiful jazz cover of an old Swedish folksong, with only double bass (Georg Riedel) and piano. The improvised solo by Jan Johansson in this one is just amazing; he is truly a jazz legend.

7. The Beatles | Eleanor Rigby

My favourite song from this legendary band. Very cool production, with only strings and singing. No need to say anything more, really; a great song!

9. Georg Riedel | Intro for Swedish childrens tv-program Alfons Åberg
Only 23 seconds long, but this short little tune is absolutely brilliant. Made by the great Swedish double bass player and composer Georg Riedel. I can’t understand how he came up with this fantastic little melody; it’s so different and simple at the same time!

9. bob hund | bob hunds 115:e Sång
This is a great song from my favourite Swedish pop band: bob hund. The lyrics are wonderful and Thomas Öbergs singing fits perfect, as usual!

10. Gorillaz | Dare
This song from Gorillaz has everything; it’s catchy, it’s beautiful, it makes you want to dance and the production is perfect. And it has a very special sound; I have no idea in which genre I would put it!

SIDE C | by Elias Smeds

1. Bon Iver | Re: Stacks
Slow song. You feel kind of lonely while you listen to it. Feels awesome.

2. Fleet Foxes | Meadowlarks
Just like every Fleet Foxes song, - nice voices, harmonies and chords. Reminds me of fog and large woods.

3. Mr. Oizo | Z
Perfectly produced and funny harmonies...'nuff said.

4. Grizzly Bear | While You Wait For The Others

Cool song with loads of variation, and nice harmonies.

5. Barry Louis Polisar | All I Want Is You
Just the best feel good songs of our times. Full of happiness! It sounds the same for about 3 min, but i still love it.

6. Jeff Buckley | Halleluljha

Nice guitar playing and beautiful singing.

7. System Of A Down | Chop Suey
A wicked mix of different genres, and beats.

8. SebastiAn | Dog
It's an electro song that sounds like a heavy metal song...Great production and easy to sing along to. Lol.

9. Kashmir | Aftermath
Just a good normal song. Guitar song, bass and drums. Simple, right?

10. DJ Mehdi | Signatune
Cuz it sounds just about the same the whole song, but you still can't predict how it's about to sound the coming bars.