WARMER MIXTAPES #81 | by Shane Alexander of The Greater Good

1. Simon & Garfunkel | The Boxer
One of my favorites from my youth, I was first into this at about 4 or 5 years old. I think it’s the greatest outro in popular music.

2. Black Sabbath | War Pigs
My dad played me the Paranoid record when I was around 9 - the heavy guitars changed my life. War Pigs is the heaviest riff ever.

3. Ron Sexsmith | Seem To Recall
I've seen and met Ron many times. One of the greatest songwriters alive today, and this song just knocks me out.

4. The Moody Blues | Nights In White Satin
Another one from my childhood. Their melancholy tone and the lush reverb is part of my music today.

5. Doves | Catch The Sun
I used to work at a record label, and I remember this video airing on the TV in our lobby. I instantly fell in love with the riff and amazing guitar hook - a great driving song!

6. U2 | The Unforgettable Fire
Obviously U2 has a huge number of timeless killers, but for some reason, the energy and melody of this song have always stirred my soul.

7. Peter Gabriel | Solsbury Hill
A beautiful, pulsing masterpiece about a major change in Peter Gabriel's life. It’s so hopeful. By the time the big power chords come in at the end, I'm always fired up.

8. Tom Waits | Picture In A Frame
There are many songs on his first record like this one, so simple and heartfelt. I love the various noises and knocks in this track, too. The bridge I'm gonna love you till the wheels come off, oh yeah is sublime.

9. Neil Young | A Man Needs A Maid
I could do a whole list of Neil Young, probably the artist who has inspired me the most. The song, coupled with Jack Nitzsche's production, really makes a huge emotional impact.

10. Elliott Smith | Angeles
I first heard his voice in the movie Chasing Amy, and tracked down who it was. I saw him live in L.A. twice. A master songwriter and lyricist, his sound moved me instantly and this is my favorite of all of his songs. The first line, Someone's always coming around here trailing some new kill, is just so fucking cool.