WARMER MIXTAPES #82 | by Autry Fulbright of Midnight Masses

1. David Crosby | What Are Their Names?

I'm a huge fan of the Crosby Stills & Nash vocal harmonies. This song is a really cool track off of a Crosby solo record with the help of Grace Slick and members of The Grateful Dead. It has great instrumentation, almost a dubby feel. The song is about secret societies, The Illuminati etc. It's really simple yet powerful.

2. Cat Power | Song To Bobby
I like an ode to a hero, especially as sincere as Chan Marshall is in her homage to Bob Dylan in this song. It's cool how she even emulates his cadence. It's really beautiful.

3. My Morning Jacket | Run Thru
This song is like a movie. Really dynamic, really dramatic. It has this entire Sergio Leone-meets-Tarantino anti-hero vibe type thing going on. Awesome lead guitar, too.

4. Ghostface Killah | Maxine
Another really vivid story told in a concise song. Crackhead mom and her friend get on the bad side of a dealer who then gets a surprise courtesy of her kids. I won't ruin it but the hint is in the closing line ...and the cops never came.

5. At The Drive In | Arcarsenal
This song was the true predecessor of The Mars Volta, in that the riffs referenced an even truer ancestor - Led Zeppelin - and did it right. This song was an amazing opener both to a classic record and for a legendary live band.

6. Dum Dum Girls | Hey Sis
I'm usually pretty behind when it comes to hype bands but I discovered this song after my roommate opened up for this band. I actually love the live version and haven't really embraced the recorded version. Still it's dark and powerful and really beautiful. Reminds me of Grace Slick covering X.

7. Sleigh Bells | A/B Machines
This is your new favorite song by your new favorite band. Only one sentence worth of lyrics- everybody sing along!

8. Donald Byrd | Feels So Good To Me
As our tour manager Dr. Wiles would say this song is fuckin' righteous and was the theme of the last tour. For dancing sober or fucked up. It was resurrected on a recent LCD Soundsystem mix. Nostalgic and fun!

9. The Doors | Land Ho!
We were playing in Boston, opening for The Secret Machines. I was kind of nervous because it was the last of the shows we were doing on that tour. Suddenly this strangely familiar voice comes over this Ennio Morricone-type music, singing a song about sailing. It was totally out of the ordinary for The Doors. Then Jim Morrisson starts singing about eating someone alive and then you're like Oh, this is The Doors.

10. Fugazi | Do You Like Me
I love this unhinged, Manic Street Preachin' to the choir delivery that Guy pulls off. It's one of the most impassioned songs I've ever heard.