WARMER MIXTAPES #216 | by Keith Hampson of Power Animal

1. Four Tet | Hilarious Movie Of The 90's
I remember hearing this song for the first time years ago and just getting this feeling of joy and almost relief that this song exists. It was exactly what I was looking for at the time. So perfect for when you are feeling happy and need a song that matches that. It also has such a fitting title.

2. Sparklehorse | More Yellow Birds
Such a beautiful song. The production is so perfect. I love how organic the strings sound. People fancy up strings in production too much sometimes, and forget how good they sound dry. Ever since it started getting nice out here I've been listening to this album (It's A Wonderful Life) over and over.

3. Madvillian | Accordion
Favorite hip-hop song. Most beautiful and melancholy sounding beat I've ever heard. Doom's voice sounds so humble and soft over top of it. 2 real.

4. TLC | Unpretty
This song is the perfect example of my favorite music from the 90's. Wish I could put it into words better. Something to do with the acoustic guitars. The things I like in this song are the same things I like in that Four Tet song.

5. Voices And Organs | Idle Words On Empty Pages #2
So sad. Such incredibly beautiful voices. This song is like the second to last scene in film that is this album (Orphanage). This album has something (for me at least) that no other album I have ever heard has at all, and that thing is something really hard to put into words. It's so scenic for lack of a better word. This album gets better and more personal every time I listen to it.

6. A Silver Mt. Zion | 13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed
I used to listen to this in headphones a lot while cleaning pools last summer when I was a substitute lifeguard. This made that activity really epic and beautiful. I love the scene in Mr. Lonely that uses this song so much.

7. Cat Stevens | Trouble
I remember pretty much deciding I would definitely drop out of high school while listening to this song. It was a really heavy moment and I remember feeling really relieved and happy once the song came to an end. It was like at that moment that period of torment was over after almost 2 years. Cat Stevens is pretty much the only thing I still listen to that I loved since I was probably 8 years old.

8. Mt. Eerie | Wooly Mammoth's Absence (Seven New Songs Of Mt. Eerie version)
A few months ago on tour when we were in New Mexico I listened to this song in headphones while trying to fall asleep (having regular tour insomnia). I had listened to it so many times before without paying attention to the lyrics really, but this time I did and was like aaaahhh!... I listened to it over and over after that and didn't fall asleep till very late. Will I carry myself slowly enough to remember?... It's strange how this song is about one of my biggest struggles in life but there really aren't many other songs about this subject that I know of. Just more Phil Elverum, which is fine.

9. Lady Gaga | Paparazzi
Last tour, Lady Gaga was probably listened to more than anything else in the van. The harmony on the chorus is soooooooooo sad. Lady Gaga in my opinion is the most legit thing in pop music right now. Not just because she plays piano (a lot of people do that).

10. Nelly Furtado | All Good Things
One of my favorite pop songs.

The dogs were whistling a new tune
Barking at the new moon
Hoping it would come soon
So that they could die

Not really sure what she's talking about, but it's really awesome that those lyrics were squeezed into such a popular song that was probably played at 5th grade dances and what not. DOG SUICIDE. For me there is still a void in pop music that won't be filled until she makes another good album.

+11. Max Richter | Autumn Music 1
Really intensely fitting for a slow bike ride in autumn. Every time I listen to this song my breathing tends to slow down and the song builds. I really love music that does that to me and helps me be present in the moment I'm in.