WARMER MIXTAPES #224 | by +Blissed Out+

1. Gucci Mane | It's Gucci Time (feat. Swizz Beatz)
Swizz Beatz is an incredible producer. Kanye calls him the best ever. For this song he samples Justice's Phantom. I think that in two years, rap producers will sample Salem the way Swizz samples Justice now.

2. Salem | King Night
We were at SXSW last spring and Jack took his dick out and casually pissed under the table we all were sitting at.

3. Justice | Waters Of Nazereth
And what we do on Justice is a bit of music, but mainly it's just A&R. We are just A&Ring the project of Justice. It's almost like a boy band you know? It's all about making the right decisions at the right moment. I don't mean that we are making music in a cynical way... We love music, and [our] music is made with a lot of sincerity... But I guess music is more about making decisions than having skills. We are not great musicians. We are not great producers. We are not great songwriters. We are just nothing, but we have clear ideas of what we want to do, and even more what we don't want to do. - Justice

4. Zola Jesus | Night
We are not daytime people.

5. White Ring | IxC999
Disaro is killing it. Kendra's slightly inaudible vocals keep us coming back to this one. The basement is haunted? I don't know I watched the Ring last night and though it was a good soundtrack.

6. Gatekeeper | Slow Walk
We played with Gatekeeper last week at Glasslands in Brooklyn, New York. They put on the most amazing live performance I have ever seen. Lights and fog that are controlled by a visual effects team that they brought with them. Truly an inspiration.

7. Drake | Up All Night
I'm about whatever, man. Fuck what they be talking about. Their opinion doesn't count. We the only thing that matters.

8. Pearl Harbor | California Shakedown
Los Angeles is our new second home. We will be there for a while at the end of September. We were there in June and played on the side of a mountain overlooking the city with Sun Araw, Foot Village, and Run DMT. The highlight of this project so far.

9. Pink Priest | Seance
Best art direction in the realm of cassette labels. Pink Priest has been holding it down for the last year calling shots over at Bathetic Records. They just put out their first 7 inch. Blissed Out and Pink Priest have some serious collaborative things in the works.

10. Pictureplane | Goth Star
Pictureplane is one of the realist out. While everyone was nerding out on the beach and chill wave he was already talking about getting dark. He coined the term witch house and truly is an innovative artist. We will be at his house, the Rhinoceropolis, in Denver on October 8. Thrilled about that.