WARMER MIXTAPES #279 | by Maria Usbeck of Soda Shop and Selebrities

1. The Wake | Pale Spectre
Forever!!! I destroy the dance floor every time this song comes on. It makes me want to play endless chords on my synth.

2. Altered Images | I Could Be Happy
It's funny, this song makes me feel the opposite of what the words are about. I feel happy when I listen to it. If I'm having a bad day, this is one of the tunes I'll go for.

3. Ataque De Caspa | Viaje A Egipto
This is what music sounds like in my dreams, witty and fun.

4. Swallow | Sugar Your Mind
I recently receive this album from my friend Drew. I was sick at the time. I listened to this song in a row, I'm not sure how many times. Such an innocent song, it's beautiful. When the guitar kicks in I want to start crying.

5. Blue Boy | Popkiss
Hope, longing, waiting.

6. The Embassy | It Never Entered My Mind
So many memories are hidden in this track for me. It's imbedded in my brain to trigger absolute happiness.

7. Jeanette | Porque Te Vas
Reminds me of home, childhood adventures.

8. The Cure | To The Sky
I play this every single day, mostly in the morning. Starting my day continuing whatever dream I had the night before.

9. The Desert Wolves | Passion In The Afternoon
The first time I heard Passion In The Afternoon, I thought I would never hear another song as good as this. It's got the basic essence of everything that I love. It melts my afternoons away.

10. Blur | To The End
At last the embodiment of my passion for music. I wish life was a romantic drama.

+11. Plastic Flowers | Drive Me Home
Anyone that can make Halloween sound like the most romantic day of the year is my hero. I actually love Halloween, I'm obsessed with building my own costumes.